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Baseball and Softball Bat Care Guide

The Baseball Bat and Softball Bat Care section offer tips and guidelines for proper care of your bat. The following list contains Bat Care Tips that will help you keep your baseball bats and softball bats in the best condition possible for the longest time possible.

  • Limit the bat to individual use.
  • Do not use in temperatures below 60°F (16°C).
  • Do not store the bat in extremely hot or cold temperature areas.
  • Do not clean metal cleats with the bat.
  • Use regulation leather-covered baseball and softballs; NOT rubber cage balls.
  • Do not hit waterlogged balls.
  • Routinely check your bat for any damage.
  • Rotate your bat ¼ turn each swing (this prevents one side of the barrel from becoming prematurely worn down).

Although each manufacturer may provide slightly different information, the basic principles apply to all bats. For further information regarding bat care techniques, please see our Vendor section so you may contact the appropriate manufacturer.

All bats, unless otherwise noted, will be covered by a Manufacturer's Warranty. The typical warranty period is a full twelve (12) month warranty from the date of purchase, although some manufacturers have modified that policy to 400 or 500 Days or 2 years (depending on the item). Regardless of the warranty period, the coverage tends to be the same. The Manufacturer's Warranty, subject to evaluation, usually covers the following defects to items such as breaking, end cap damage, loose knob, internal rattle, and denting.

The Manufacturer's Warranty does NOT cover bats that have been “abused, altered in any way or mistreated; bats that have been used in a commercial batting cage, bats used after initial failure, etc." For a complete list of the warranty information, please contact the Vendor directly. A few years ago the bat manufacturers decided to handle all returns directly and take it out of the hands of the dealers. They do require an RA (Return Authorization) Number so contacting the manufacturer before sending the bat back is a must.

Need Help Contacting A Bat Vendor?

How to Apply Grip Tape to a Bat
Take the grip out of the package. Unroll the entire grip. You will find that one end has a longer, angled edge and the other end has a shorter angled edge. As well, you will notice one side of the grip will have adhesive covered with protective tape. *Do not remove the protective tape from the adhesive side of the bat grip at this time*

When applying a grip to a bat for a right-hand hitter, take the longer end of the grip as explained before. Specifically, start with the angled edge of that longer end of the grip (usually unfinished as well). Place that angled edge flush with the location where the handle of the bat meets the knob. Then wrap the bat up the handle towards the barrel (it will naturally wrap into an angled manner). While wrapping the grip, only remove a few inches of protective tape from the adhesive side of the grip as the handle is being wrapped. When sticking the grip to the handle, be sure and have the grip slightly overlap the portion of grip that is already stuck to the handle. Follow this procedure until the grip runs out. Once you get to the end of the grip, make it match up with the portion of grip stuck to the handle to make a flat edge. Apply the provided adhesive tape to the end closer to the barrel to keep the grip in place. 

When gripping a bat for a left-handed hitter, be sure and start with the longer end of the grip as explained before. Specifically, use the flat edge of the longer end of the grip (usually finished as well). Place that flat edge flush with the location where the handle of the bat meets the knob. After that, all directions for gripping a bat for a lefty hitter will be the same as what was listed for a righty hitter.
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