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How do I select a Wood baseball bat?

When selecting a wood baseball bat or wood bat, you should take into consideration your comfort level with the size you are currently swinging. Additionally, personal preference is also key in your perfect bat selection. This chart is an approximation of what size wood baseball bat a player may need. Please keep in mind that the length may go up or down an inch depending on a player's personal preference, hitting mechanics, and strength.

Bat Sizing Guide

Many players like a heavier wood bat for more power, while others like to swing a lighter bat to gain more control and bat speed. Experimenting with swinging different sizes of wood bats allows players to compare and contrast preferences. This Wood Bat Buyer’s Guide video explains things to remember when making your bat decision:

What you need to know when selecting a wood baseball bat or wood bat:

  • Wood Bats don't just come in different materials; they also come in various turns or shape of the wood bat.
  • Explanation of advantages of each turn model.
  • Younger players should swing 110 or 271 turns models because they're lighter and easier to swing.

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