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Coach Pitch Bat Rules & Regulations

Not familiar with your league's bat rules? Check out our Youth Bat Buying Guide for help!


Baseball bats that are designed or marketed as Coach Pitch and/or not for use with regulation baseballs are not legal in USSSA sanctioned activities that use regulation baseballs. This is for all ages and all divisions of T-Ball, Coach Pitch, Machine Pitch and Kid Pitch, but not limited to these. (Regulation baseballs include the 9" and 8.5"). All bats must meet the criteria in the USSSA Bylaws found at

Always check with your league before purchasing a bat if you have any concerns about its legality. Here are some key questions to ask:

  • Are Coach Pitch bats legal in my league?
  • What kind of baseballs do we use?
  • Are there any barrel size limitations?

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