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How do I select a Slow Pitch softball bat?

Unlike choosing a Fastpitch bat or baseball bat, selecting a Slow Pitch softball bat is all about personal preference. There are no size charts or guidelines to follow.

Some players like heavier bats that are endloaded to give them more power; while others like lighter balanced bats for more bat speed. Many players prefer composite bats due to their performance, but some leagues don't allow them. Take a look at our comparison of different types of Slow Pitch bats to help determine what might work best for you. If you still have no idea, try using a teammate's bat. Experimenting with swinging different sizes and styles is the best way for players to find what suits them best.

What you need to know when selecting a Slow Pitch softball bat:

  • The key to a good softball bat is finding the weight and size that fit you.
  • All softball bats have a 2” barrel.
  • Slow Pitch bats are 34” long.
  • Slow Pitch bats range in weight from 26 - 30oz.
  • Slow Pitch softball leagues include ASA, ISA, ISF, NSA, and USSSA.


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