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What Types Of Training Bats Are there?

Fungo Bats

Fungo bats are long skinny bats used by coaches to hit fly or ground balls to the infield or outfield. Fungo bats are generally between 34 and 38 inches long and are ultra-lightweight. This lightweight feel benefits coaches who must repeatedly hit balls in practice. Fungo bats should only be used with self or soft toss or hit off of a tee.


One-Hand Trainer

One-Hand Trainer bats are short bats between 18 and 28 inches in length that are used to improve hand-eye coordination and build muscle memory and strength in either hand. One Hand Trainers should only be used for tee and soft toss drills.


Weighted Bat

Weighted bats are just what they sound like; a bat with extra weight used for strength training and to increase bat speed. Many times, the length of these bats will be equivalent to a regular bat, but they will be much heavier. These bats are to be used to take dry swings during warm-ups to build muscle memory.


Hand-Eye or Soft Toss Trainer

Hand-Eye or Soft Toss Trainers are designed to feel like regular bats and generally have a normal handle. However, the barrel is much skinnier. These bats are designed to improve hand-eye coordination, hand strength, and overall bat control. Use this tool in soft toss and tee drills only.


Flat Bats

Flat Bats are bats with a similar length to regular bats, yet they have a flat hitting surface. These bats are designed to help hitters maintain a level swing and stay in the hitting zone longer, as they are not as forgiving as a normal bat.


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