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What types of Youth Big Barrel baseball bats are there?

What are the advantages of a -5 Length to Weight Youth Big Barrel Bat?

  • Youth Big Barrel bats are available in a -5 length to weight or drop weight.
  • These are great transition bats for young players looking to swing a heavier bat.
  • Jumping from a -7 or -8 to a -3, which is required in BBCOR Leagues, can be difficult. A -5 bat allows more consistency, control, and swing speed during the transition.
  • Praticing with a -5 bat will build strength and improve swing speed.


Most Popular Drop 5 Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bats


Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bats: One-Piece vs. Two-Piece

One-piece baseball bats use the same material throughout the entire design. The advantage of the one-piece design is that you get a stronger, stiffer baseball bat that is favored by power hitters looking for as little flex as possible.

Two-piece baseball bats, the handle is a separate piece from the barrel, and the two are bonded together. The advantage to a two-piece baseball bat is that its design allows the barrel to flex at the point of contact creating a trampoline effect off the barrel. Two-piece baseball bats have less vibration in the handle than one-piece bats due to the separation of the handle and barrel.


Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bats: Alloy vs. Composite vs. Hybrid

Alloy baseball bats are constructed with a one-piece design out of aluminum or aluminum that is mixed with other metals to make a stronger product. The advantage of this strength is that it allows alloy baseball bats to have thinner, more responsive barrel walls.

Composite baseball bats, on the other hand, are made out of a mixture of carbon fiber, graphite, fiberglass, and sometimes Kevlar. Check your league rules before buying a composite-barreled baseball bat, as some leagues restrict their use.

Hybrid baseball bats feature a two-piece design in which an alloy barrel is bonded to a composite handle. This makes the handle lighter and allows the alloy barrel to be made longer than on a traditional alloy baseball bat.


Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bats: Wood Baseball Bats - 2” vs. 2

2” barrels are slightly larger than 2” barrels. 2” barrels give players a larger hitting surface; however, this barrel size is not allowed in some leagues. Check your league rules before purchasing a bat with a 2” barrel.


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