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About Us

JustBats History

In 1986, the Hedrick family went to purchase award patches for their son's High School letter jacket. It took going to four different sporting goods stores to get them delivered, and they were never done correctly. At this time, Wes and Judi Hedrick were in the middle of negotiations for opening a Jiffy Lube in their hometown. After the experience with the purchase of award patches, they changed gears and went into sporting goods. It sounded a lot more fun than oil changes, and there was clearly a need for a better customer experience.

On December 1, 1987, Pro Athlete served their first customer.

In 1997, they placed their first Internet order. Shipping was $15 for ground service, the phone number was hidden deep in the site, prices were too high, and no confirmation emails were sent. It was an awful customer experience. How is this kind of customer service okay? It's not! So, in October of 2000, was launched.

JustBats Promise

Our business strategy is simple; get the perfect bat for you on time, every time, exactly as promised. We not only provide you with the baseball bats and softball bats, but we also provide you with a winning experience, and a promise, like no one else.

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The JustBats Story

Baseball, it's a game that we live and breathe at But JustBats isn't just about baseball or bats or being an online company. Baseball is responsible in many ways for who we are, but not just because of the on the field fun. The game of baseball has given us so much in the way of life and learning, that there are many principles we take away from the game of baseball and have applied to our own lives and the culture of JustBats. A bat is just a small part of baseball, but the values we've learned from baseball are largely responsible for the company we've become.

Baseball is a game that requires continuous improvement and consistency. To be successful in baseball, you must continually adjust and learn the finer details of the game. We have a competitive culture; we put it on ourselves to get better each day and strive to make everyone's experience with perfect, while over time making it even better. The world changes fast; baseball has taught us that you can't just sit back and think what you are doing today will work tomorrow. The pitcher will develop a new pitch, the defense will shift, or the weather will change. If there's one thing baseball has taught us that we live by, is that we must work to get better for all those that we come into contact with each and every day.

Baseball is a game of relationships. Teammates, fathers and sons, players, coaches and umpires. You can't succeed in baseball if you don't respect those you play with and against. We've learned through baseball, we are only as good as those around us that we help to make better. Baseball has taught us that if you want to win, you must work as a team with all those around you, for us it means making sure we do all we can to help our customers, our employees, and our vendors all succeed.

Baseball is a game that requires you to take care of your body. Health is something that's easy to take for granted, but without taking care of your body, you can lose it in a second. Baseball has taught us that to be our best we must feel our best. We take a proactive approach to health. With better health, our employees are more energetic and have a clearer mind to provide a more thorough interaction with all our customers. Whether it's providing healthy meals for employees, workout sessions, playing sports together and challenging each other to meet our health goals, our culture is one of promoting one's health. Baseball has taught us that being healthy helps the team. When we feel better with less stress, we are more than capable of providing a world-class experience for everyone.

Baseball is a game of emotions. In baseball, you win some and you lose some. The highs of a home run to the lows of a game-ending strikeout, while looking, ouch! There's no greater feeling in the world for us than knowing that a kid just got the game-winning hit with a bat from There's no greater feeling than knowing that the joy someone else has and the memories they created, was something we got to play a small part in. This is why if something doesn't go quite right, with anyone's experience, we take it personally to fix it and make it even better than before.

While there are so many more things baseball has taught us, perhaps the greatest is to take nothing for granted. We all dreamed of playing in the Major Leagues, very few ever make it. But while we may not of all made the Pros, baseball has produced some of the greatest memories of our lives. Experiences, relationships, commitment to a team, and most of all, the fun, are things you will never forget from baseball, no matter how far it takes you. The life that baseball gives is what we truly cherish at We don't just sell bats; a bat just enables you to enjoy all the experiences and emotions of playing ball. But, to experience all the great things baseball can provide for you, there's one thing you need. It all starts...with a bat. That's why we are!

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