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How do I select a Youth Big Barrel baseball bat?

When selecting a youth big barrel baseball bat or Senior League bat, it's important to be comfortable with the size of the bat you're swinging. Personal preference plays a key part in selecting a baseball bat. Many players like a heavier baseball bat for more power, while others like to swing a lighter baseball bat to gain more bat control and increase their bat speed.

Bat Sizing Chart

Still not sure what size bat to select? Try using a teammate's bat to see how the bat feels. Experimenting with swinging different sizes allows players to compare and contrast what they like and what sizes they can properly handle.

What you need to know when selecting a youth big barrel baseball bat or Senior League bat:

  • Youth bats can either be wood or metal; most players prefer metal because the bats are lighter and easier to control.
  • Youth big barrel bats and Senior League bats are the same thing. These bats are mostly used by 10 to 14 year olds.
  • Senior League bats an have a 2 5/8" barrel diameter or a 2 3/4" barrel diameter.
  • Senior League bats range from 26 - 32" inches in length and a -5 to -11 length to weight ratio (or, drop).
  • If your bat is too heavy the loss of control will result in a lot of foul balls because you're not making square contact.
  • If your bat is too light the result will be a loss in power, because you're not generating enough momentum.
  • Make sure to check your League's rule and regulations, since some do require a safety certification stamp or disallow certain barrel sizes.

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