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How do I take care of a Wood baseball bat?

Temperatures For Wood Baseball Bats

First of all, your wood bat is made from a natural material (wood), so unlike alloy bats, it will breathe and take in the surrounding environment. Because of this, any extremes, such as a lot of moisture or exposure to really hot or really cold temperatures, are not ideal for wood bats.

Additional Wood Baseball Bat Tips

  • Limit the use of your game bat. Our Used Bats are perfect for batting cage practice. Save the wear and tear for when it matters: in the game.
  • Do not practice with batting cage dimpled balls. These balls can have damaging effects on your baseball bat.
  • Limit the number of teammates that use the same bat. Bats DO break. The fewer hits on the bat, the better chance you have at lasting durability.
  • Do not use your baseball bat to knock the dirt off of your cleats. This can damage the bat.
  • Swing with the label facing toward you or as some call the "label up." This is a common mistake and often will lead to a prematurely broken baseball bat.