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ASA Rule Update

ASA Rule Update

As of October 1, 2012, ASA has changed the way they are testing their slow pitch bats. With this change, ASA has also created a new stamp for all ASA-certified bats. Don’t worry though, ASA bats with the old stamp are grandfathered in and legal for play moving forward.

The biggest change has to do with how ASA performs their tests. In the past, ASA bats were tested with a cannon that fired a softball at the barrel of a bat at 110 mph. This test measured the balls exit speed off of the barrel to ensure the bat’s performance didn’t result in an exit speed greater than 98 mph. In the new test, the ball is fired at 105 mph instead of 110, but allows the exit speed to remain at 98 mph. The decrease in cannon speed allows for a greater bat performance. By slowing down the rate of the ball in the test, manufacturers can increase the speed at which the ball leaves the bat.

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There was also a change made to the official softball used in ASA competition. In the past, ASA required a 44 Core, 375 compression ball. Now they allow a 52 Core, 300 compression ball. In simplified terms, the ball is now bouncier than in the past. ASA’s goal is to have the ball flex more than the bat and for ASA bats to perform more like USSSA bats.

Even with the new rule changes, not all ASA bats will be USSSA certified. Each bat is specific as to which leagues it is legal. For example, the new Triad from Miken is ASA certified, but is too hot for USSSA play. While the Z-2000 from Louisville Slugger is maxed out on the ASA test, but still able to pass the USSSA certification.

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