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05/24/2017 Bat Review: Easton Z-CORE Lock & Load BBCOR Baseball Bat Optimize your swing by dialing up your power! The new Easton Z-CORE Lock & Load is revolutionary and ready to change the game of baseball forever. ... Read More »
05/08/2017 Best Baseball Walk Up Songs By Genre There is no better way to get hyped for a big game or your next at-bat than by listening to your favorite song. If you've ever been to an MLB game, you probably noticed the wide variety of different genres and songs each player uses as they strut up to home plate. Everything from rap, country, classic rock, and even ma... Read More »
04/04/2017 The Top 25 Baseball Websites Sabermetrics, fantasy baseball, and the history of America's pastime can all be found online. The tricky part is finding the best baseball websites with the greatest content around. At JustBats.com we love baseball, so we compiled this comprehensive list of baseball websites on the world wide web. These top baseball ... Read More »
03/14/2017 Why Is A Baseball Game Nine Innings? Do you know why baseball games are nine innings in length? JustBats reviews why and details the interesting history of how nine innings came to be.... Read More »
03/07/2017 Worst First Pitches Ever [With GIFs] Ever wonder who has the worst first pitch in the history of baseball? Check out the top 10 worst first pitches ever with gifs to tell the story.... Read More »
03/02/2017 10 Best Baseball Movies Of All-Time Hollywood has produced a number of films based on the national pastime, so JustBats.com ranks the ten best baseball movies of all-time.... Read More »
01/25/2017 When Should My Child Start Playing Baseball? Do you know when your child should start playing baseball? JustBats.com details the advantages and disadvantages for each potential start age.... Read More »
01/17/2017 9 Reasons Baseball Is Better Than Football Baseball is better than football. Disagree? Agree? Here are nine (9) reasons why baseball is better than football.... Read More »
12/20/2016 The Origins of the 12 Best Baseball Nicknames Of All Time Baseball is filled with historical and iconic nicknames. It's part of the sport. JustBats reviews 12 of the best baseball nicknames of all-time.... Read More »
12/15/2016 About Routine Baseball Do you know about Routine Baseball? They're changing the baseball lifestyle fashion game. JustBats spoke with Routine to learn more.... Read More »
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