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Wounded Warrior Project: Axis Colors of Courage Maple Wood Bat: CC113 -

Video Transcript

Dal Beggs: We're playing with and against a bunch of members of the Wounded Warrior Team and they're made up of military men who have lost limbs, legs, arms in service for our country. It's a great honor, it's really a great thrill just to meet the true heroes of our country.Brett Helmer: For us this couldn't be a bigger honor to get to play with these guys who served our country, so brave and so courageous. To be out here with them, to have a good time, play ball - these guys love to play - you could tell that in two seconds that they're here to win the game, play hard, and for us guys with Team USA honestly we couldn't be happier. Nothing we'll do here means more than this.Greg Connell: To be honest this is a great honor because you're playing with guys that served your country that do so much for you. They love playing with us but reality is it's more of an honor for us because these guys allow us to do what we do, they're the reason we get to do everything, I mean they serve and protect the country, what they do is awesome.Brett Helmer: These guys are obviously special guys, they're our heroes, bar none, what they do for us means everything. We're able to do what we do because of these guys. We haven't forgotten that and we really can't explain what these guys really mean to us.

Check out the Axis Colors of Courage Maple Wood Bat at! Axis is teaming up with our websites to make a difference in the lives of America's veterans. With every purchase of a Colors of Courage maple wood bat, $15 is donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization dedicated to raising awareness and meeting the needs of injured service members. Swinging a Colors of Courage bat on the field is a great way to show your support of our men an women in uniform. These bats can also make a great thank you gift for a service member, as they feature a camouflage finish and Colors of Courage decal. This bat is made from the finest maple wood billets that have been sonic-tested and weight-balanced. Axis uses a proprietary process known Ek-Technology, or Ek-Tech for short, to ensure the quality of their bats. Ek-Tech is a rotational process where each billet is aligned to rotate on its most perfect axis, while maintaining the natural integrity of the wood and without distressing the organic orientation of the grain. This technology gives Axis bats incredible strength, a trait that is only fitting for a bat that represents some of the strongest men and women our country has to offer. Axis: Bat Technology Perfected. Free Shipping!

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