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DeMarini Bat Control Competition: Crystl Bustos vs. Chris Larsen

Video Transcript

Matt Hendryx: Going to have a little friendly competition right now between Crystl and Chris. Have them do a little skills competition. We setup a couple different targets for different point totals. They’ll each get five swings. At the end of two rounds, whoever has the most point total will win, obviously. Chris, what model did you choose for this? Chris Larsen: I’m going with the 2014 12-inch Stadium II, my signature model Matt Hendryx: Does that have your name on it? Chris Larsen: Well, it does. Right here. Matt Hendryx: Oh. Nice. Matt Hendryx: Boo, what’d you choose? Crystl Bustos: The Mercy. It’s the only way to go. Matt Hendryx: All right. Boo, start us off. Chris Larsen: Myself, I don’t hit off tees very often. So I feel like she’s got an advantage here. I don’t know. We’ll see. We’ll see if we beat her at her own game. Yeah, come on, Boo. Matt Hendryx: Oh. Chris Larsen: Really? Matt Hendryx: I don’t know if it went in sock. [Crosstalk] Crystl Bustos: You didn’t even side. Chris Larsen: It did. Crystl Bustos: It went into the hole. Matt Hendryx: No. Chris Larsen: Yeah. Crystl Bustos: So now you use stadium rules? It went in the hole. Matt Hendryx: How many has she hit? Chris Larsen: She hit three. Ha, ha. Fall down. Ball fall down! Oh. Matt Hendryx: Hold on. We’ve got to retrieve this one. Chris Larsen: Zero points? Crystl Bustos: Hey, it’s all good. I missed. I missed. I wanted to make it easy for the first round so he wasn’t so nervous. I’ll finish it up when we close it. Chris Larsen: Don’t you dare count it. I hit it. Crystl Bustos: That’s so whack. Yes. I saw that. I’m going to lose by five points already. Five. Chris Larsen: What we’ve got? Crystl Bustos: You won. He got five. Matt Hendryx: Five. Chris Larsen: She opened the door for me. I got lucky with the 17 bounce ricochet five-pointer. Hopefully, she doesn’t bury me in this round. Crystl Bustos: Poor boy. Chris Larsen: Eww and there it is. Bounce out of there. That’ll settle it. Two. Crystl Bustos: I’ve got to hit the two banners and get extra points? Chris Larsen: Yeah. Awww. [Laughter] Popup. Crystl Bustos: Got it. Chris Larsen: You’ve got it. So how much is that worth? Matt Hendryx: She’s up by 20 points now. Chris Larsen: 20? Matt Hendryx: It’s 25 to 5. Chris Larsen: That’s not enough. Crystl Bustos: That’s 10. [Indistinct] Matt Hendryx: Oh yeah, 30. Chris Larsen: Up 30? Matt Hendryx: Up 25. Crystl Bustos: Yeah. Chris Larsen: So I just need to put two into the sock and call it a day? Matt Hendryx: Yep. Crystl Bustos: Let’s see what you’ve got, biggin’. We set the marker at 25. You’ve got to get 25. It’s doable. Chris Larsen: That was real close. Crystl Bustos: You’ve only got four more. We’re good. Yeah. If we were making – Chris Larsen: Real close. Crystl Bustos: If we were making baskets, if you’d have a shot. Chris Larsen: Oh, we’re dialed in. Crystl Bustos: You all over it. Chris Larsen: We’re dialed in. No, we’re not dialed in. Crystl Bustos: Yeah, you’ve got last change. Oh, don’t do it. Don’t miss. Chris Larsen: Tie it? Tie it? Crystl Bustos: You’ve got to tie it. You can tie it. But I don’t know. Chris Larsen: Oh. Shoot. Crystl Bustos: Yeah. Close it up. Matt Hendryx: Victory. Chris Larsen: Give me another one. Crystl Bustos: Close it up. Matt Hendryx: Watch out. Money ball. Chris Larsen: Give me another one. Matt Hendryx: Money ball. Crystl Bustos: Money ball? Matt Hendryx: So this is for an extra 10 push-ups too. Chris Larsen: No. Close. Crystl Bustos: I’ll even give you another one. Chris Larsen: Nope. Matt Hendryx: Well there you have it. Boo’s the winner. She’s able to take down Larsen in the game of bat control, so question for you, Boo. When you’re trying to work on bat control the opposite field, inside, outside pitches, what do you do differently to get yourself ready for a different pitches? Crystl Bustos: Just let the ball be where it needs to be – needed to make contact. You know, let it get deeper on the outside corner and down the middle, right off my front foot and then pull in the ball just get a little more out in front and took a little bit off of it so that way I could kind of hit where I need it to go, not going pure power, just going for where, actually, the spot is at. Matt Hendryx: I’d ask you, but I mean… Chris Larsen: I got lucky on a 47 hopper. Matt Hendryx: Yeah, exactly. You had time on your side. I think Crystl might have a little gift for you. Crystl Bustos: I’ve got something for you. I’ve got something for you here. What was it, 30 – Chris Larsen: 30 to 5. Crystl Bustos: – to 5 Matt Hendryx: While Crystl’s signing this ball for Larsen so he doesn’t forget it, you guys don’t forget: pick these bats up, the Mercy and the Stadium CL22, Chris’ own version, at Crystl Bustos: Here you are. Chris Larsen: Thanks. Thanks.

Two-time Olympic gold medalist, Crystl Bustos, and Long Haul Bomber, Chris Larsen, compete against each other in a friendly bat control competition. Crystl Bustos chooses to swing the 2014 DeMarini Mercy slow pitch bat while Chris Larsen sticks to his own signature model, the 2014 DeMarini Stadium CL22. Watch to find out who earns bragging rights, and how you can improve your bat control.

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