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Chris Larsen Swings the DeMarini FU-Dawg Slow Pitch Bat!

Watch and learn why Long Haul Bomber, Chris Larsen, loves the 2013 DeMarini FU-Dawg slow pitch bat! New for 2013! Every dog has its day. Some have more than others. DeMarini's The ONE returns to diamond again this season to give players an advantage that's almost unfair. This year's model, The ONE FU-Dawg, joins DeMarini's stiffest barrel to their strongest handle to create a monster that can't be contained! The barrel is made from 4.ONE Composite that uses narrow carbon fibers in multiple lay-ups to create one of the stiffest composites known to man! The handle is constructed from DeMarini's strongest metal, SC4 Alloy, that results in the stiffest handle DeMarini makes. Speaking of stiff, The ONE FU-Dawg features a Dish end cap that creates maximum stiffness at the end of the bat, while driving ball-launching energy back to the sweet spot. The ONE FU-Dawg features an end-loaded swing weight for maximum power. This is one nasty club with absolutely NO forgiveness. It's time to release the hounds! DeMarini: Born Hardcore! The ONE FU-Dawg features the new ASA stamp and is approved for play in ASA and ISF. It is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!

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