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Founded: 2002

Contact Information:
Toledo Sports Equipment
3934 Concord Street
Toledo, OH 43612

Warranty Information:

History and Background of Toledo Sports Equipment:
Toledo Sports Equipment (TSE) is a complete Baseball and Softball metal bat manufacturer which has been in business for over 50 years. We are a certified QS 9000/ISO 9002 manufacturer and have over 15 years of experience producing metal bat components for some of the worlds leading Sports Equipment Companies

It was natural for TSE to utilize our long standing bat expertise and release our own product line of certified aluminum bats. Our current product line is made using our proprietary Toledo 9-Step rotary swaging process to produce single wall Slow Pitch, fastpitch and youth bats for maximum performance. 

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) we are also able to offer private branding opportunities for our aluminum bat line. This allows teams and organizations to incorporate their logo, colors, mascot, etc. on its own line of regulation bats. We offer many programs to produce limited custom runs of bats which could be used for fundraisers, training camps as well as collegiate and recreational league play.

Toledo Sports Equipment's proprietary "9" step process for thinning and forming our shells results in a single wall construction with the feel and performance of a multi-wall design.  

Using "Rotary Swaging" we are able to manipulate the aluminum compound during the shell's forming process resulting in tailored wall thickness and increased tensile strength. We then temper the shell with a proprietary 5-stage heat treating process further enhancing strength and durability. Once the shell is complete, we assemble our bats with our exclusive Toledo Vibration Dampening System "TVDS" process, which helps reduce sting, by significantly reducing vibration feedback to your hands.  Advanced design techniques, coupled with extensive testing has resulted in one of the best precision balanced aluminum bats available today

 At Toledo Sports Equipment, we strive to offer to our customers a better aluminum bat product. Over the years we have heard many complaints involving the vibration associated with using metal bats. Our TVDSâ„¢ corrects this problem.  The TVDSâ„¢ is not just one item that reduces vibration and sting from using our aluminum bats, it is an array of features from the end cap down through the inside of our barrel, all the way into the knob of the bat. Through the usage of advanced polymer compounds, internal surface density and our Toledo 9-Step shell formation process, we are able to offer a bat that works to reduce the sting of vibration and allow for a more comfortable follow-through swing

Important Toledo Warranty and Bat Registration Information

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