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Founded: 2010

Contact Information:
Chandler Bats
670 West Washington Street
Norristown, PA 19401
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Returns and Exchange Information:
1 (877) 497-2287
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Phone: 1 (877) 497-2287 (Ext: 6)
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About Chandler:
David Chandler founded RxSport and started making Chandler bats in 2010.  Using the woodworking techniques, he learned while in the luxury furniture business, Chandler has successfully created a maple wood baseball bat that is not only stronger but also higher performing than anything else currently on the field.  
It starts with the absolute top quality maple wood with near-perfectly straight grains.  The maple used is extremely high density and virtually unbreakable.  Each bat is turned by hand, and not mass produced like many wood bats today.  The glossy finish that gives Chandler bats their distinguished look is sprayed on - not hand-dipped.  After finishing and sealing the bats, the whole bat-making process takes around one week. During the process, each bat is inspected 11 times to ensure quality.

This attention to detail not only leads to a quality product but a CONSISTENTLY quality product.  There are now more than 40 Major League players that have swung or are swinging Chandler bats when they step to the plate.  With the hype that has already been generated, Chandler bats will continue to show up on baseball diamonds everywhere!

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