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Rx Sport


Founded: 2009

Contact Information:
Rx Sport

1417 Bethlehem Pike, Suite #3

Flourtown, PA 19031

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History and Background of Rx Sport:

Rx Sport originated when its founder, a furniture maker in Greensboro, NC, noticed the increased number of broken maple bats and realized flaws in how they were designed and manufactured. Assembling a specialist team of experienced craftsmen and engineers, he launched Rx and perfected a scientific and labor-intensive process that maintains the utmost strength of materials and quality of design. Rx provides superior crafted bats for elite players looking for greater reliability and performance.

Science + Craftsmanship = Rx Bats

Rx bats are carefully and painstakingly crafted to ensure strength, performance, and reliability. More wood bats break today than in years past because wood billets are increasingly sawn rather than split from logs to increase yield and efficiency. Sawn wood is less likely to have a straight grain (the straighter the grain, the stronger the bat) and natural defects are harder to detect. Rx employs a more labor-intensive method of hand selecting the highest-quality wood with the straightest grain and splitting each piece against its natural lines of cleavage, revealing any inherent defects and maintaining the wood’s strength. Wood is then dried to only 7% moisture content to maintain the integrity of the fibers and prevent brittleness and breakage.

Our finish sanding elevates the industry norm of 180 grit to an unheard of 600 grit final sanding, resulting in a smoother, polished, more refined bat surface that creates a natural sticking action to improve grip with the player’s hand. After using the Rx bat, many players have stopped using gloves or applying pinetar. Final color and topcoats are uniquely designed to stabilize the wood surface and regulate the movement of moisture into and out of the bat, ensuring the bat maintains its strength and integrity for life. Changes in humidity, pressure, and temperature can seriously damage bat strength and structure. Rx climate control packaging is available – an airtight and resealable bag with a special packet that houses liquids proven to control relative humidity, stop mold and mildew, and prevent condensation. The stored environment of each bat is maintained at a scientifically proven relative humidity to stabilize wood fibers at their most consistent level for peak performance.

While some top hitters already use climate-controlled bags, this is still not the industry norm. Rx is helping educate players and provide the technology to more carefully care for and maintain top quality bats. Our bags come in two sizes and can accommodate either one single bat or two to three bats at a time.

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