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Mad Dog Bats



Founded: 2001

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P.O. Box 536148

Orlando, FL 32853

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History and Background of Mad Dog Bats:

Now the legend reads, thousands of years ago in the famous Stone Forest of Kunming there was a battle between good and evil over the legendary giant bamboo fields. This fierce battle was between a dragon named Kungbou and DOG named Buliing-Zou. Now this battle came to an end when Buling-Zou was able to coax Kungbou into the legendary Stone Forest of Kunming where he set a false floor trap with giant bamboo sprouts and was able to impale the dragon leading to its final breath.

Here enters MAD Dog Bats today...

After visiting the Stone Forest in China we were moved by the legendary story and Buling-Zou, here enters MAD DOG BATS and our BULL DOG. Our Bull DOG stands for fierce strength and stubborn power for We aim to change baseball from the bottom up. From Little League to Pro-Sports, we have designed a baseball bat exclusively for players who want to take their game to the next level.

Our bats are exclusively designed for each level of baseball play. For instance, we have trained our young players to swing aluminum bats from the first day they pick up a bat. This is the first mistake in training young baseball players today, especially when this is baseballs version of a golfs handy cap. Metal bats are very forgiving and really don't teach a player how to swing a real wood bat. This is why many players today have slow bats speeds and are not able to cover the plate completely.

MAD DOG BATS philosophy is to teach our players how to play the game the way it was meant to be with a wood bat, while making it very affordable. We do this by offering an alternative solution to extremely expensive metal bats by offering the most durable wood bats available n the market today. We chose bamboo bats because they have a tensile strength that far surpasses steel at 28,000 per square inch, giving the MAD DOG hitter the confidence and stubborn power they need in each swing.

MAD DOG BATS is dedicated to the great game of baseball and the many who play it. Our mission is within the next few years to change the way our players train and help them take it to the next level. To do this we aim to be part every line up in the game, from Little League to Pro Line ups where Stubborn Power and Dedication is the only way to go.



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