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Homewood Bat


Founded: 2015

Homewood Bat
17841 Bretz Dr
Homewood, IL  60430

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Homewood Bats

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Phone - 708-713-8000
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About Homewood Bat:
Homewood Bat is appropriately named after the South Chicago Village in which it resides. When founding the company in 2015, Todd Pals pitched his idea of a wood baseball bat company to the mayor of the village, the mayor had quite a request for him...that he name the company "Homewood". Todd agreed willingly as he reasoned that the suggested name would work, "Home, like a home run, that's pretty basebally. And wood, we're making wood bats. It's pretty perfect."

Since its inception, Homewood has been slowly but surely making its presence known throughout all levels of baseball. With their unique facility in the southern suburbs of Chicago, they are able to attract a local following by allowing visitors to shop for bats, test bats in a batting cage and even glance at their production process that's all contained under one roof.

Pals has mentioned that Homewood is most committed to the detail of the wood bats they produce and with assisting customers. This commitment has been starting to show itself in their growing book of Major League business. By 2022, Bobby Witt Jr of the Kansas City Royals (Baseball America's 2021 Minor League Player of the Year) was swinging Homewood Bats. And it won't be long before many other MLB stars join him!

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