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Dove Tail Bats

Dove Tail Bats


Founded: 2009

Contact Information:
163 Greenville Rd
Shirley Mills, ME 04485
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Dove Tail Products:
All Dove Tail Bats bats

Returns and Exchange Information:
1 (207) 695-4663
Dove Tail Bats Returns and Exchange

Warranty Information:
Phone: 1 (207) 695-4663
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About Dove Tail Bats:
The Dove Tail Bats (DTB) Team is committed to delivering premium quality bats, the #1 tool in the game; and unsurpassable customer service. They take pride in incorporating quality, integrity, and respect at all levels of their business; from the product that they design and manufacture, to the customer service that they offer. This is evident in the personalized design and balance felt in each and every one of their bats.

Every player who orders a Dove Tail Bat from receives the best quality product available to their level of play. Simply stated, every player is a Big League Player to Dove Tail Bats as they strive to "Rise Above the Rest" in their career.

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