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Dirty South Bats

Dirty South Bats


Founded: 2015

Contact Information:
Dirty South Bats
47 Polite Road
Winder, GA 30680
Phone: 1-770-867-2287
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Returns and Exchange Information:
1 (770) 867-2287
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Warranty Information:
Phone: 1 (770) 867-2287
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About Dirty South Bats:
Dirty South Bats (DSB) is a different kind of company in how they manufacture, market, and service.

At DSB, they are passionate about making cylindrical shaped objects that are used to strike a ball the longest distance within the confine of the rules. Their second objective is figuring out how to make it durable enough so that customers feel that their investment is worthwhile and their wallet (vs the ball) is not taken for a ride. There has always been an inverse relationship between pop and durability. Get more of one and you would have less of the other. At DSB they have figured out how to get both. It is not easy and it is not cheap. It is what separates them from their competitors. Bean-counters do not run their company nor do they get to tell them that if you make a bat that hot it will lead to more warranties.

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