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Diego Bats


Founded: 2009

Contact Information:
Diego Bats
11315 Rancho Bernardo Road
San Diego, CA 92127

Warranty Information:

History and Background of Diego Bats:

Diego Bats builds its wood baseball bats with their core values of quality and performance always in mind.

Their line of bats is designed with the strongest and hardest maple, yellow birch and ash wood available. Each Diego Bat originates from maple, yellow birch and ash trees selected by hand, giving their team the opportunity to eliminate potential problems with wood selection before the billets arrive at the shop. Each billet purchased is certified PRO-GRADE wood. Each stock is then hand-picked and sorted for strength, color, and grain quality, representing Diego's dedication to providing all hitters with top quality hard maple, yellow birch and ash baseball bats.

The facts are that when hitters use Diego bats, they quickly notice the difference between Diego Bats, and what the competition is offering. From the hard maple, yellow birch and ash utilized by Diego Bats, the ball simply travels farther. The team selects nothing but top quality wood, therefore allowing Diego Bats to offer pro model bats to all players regardless of skill level.

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