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Don’t second guess your next bat purchase! Go straight to the source that has tried them all and knows everything about bat performance.

Who are the Bat Bros?


Who are the Bat Bros?

Each year, new bats are released that feature advancements in technology and design. With high price tags and countless options, ball players and their parents were in need of an ally who could use the bats and compare them, side-by-side.

Will and JT Taylor Will and JT Taylor

The Baseball Bat Bros, led by Will & “JT” Taylor, surfaced as a source that could look past flashy marketing and answer the question on everyones’ mind: Can this bat crush? By dedicating extensive time to hitting nearly every bat on the market and establishing a bat-rating system, the Bat Bros have built an extensive library of videos that can help determine if a particular bat is right for you!

Will Taylor holding bats Will Taylor holding bats

At JustBats, our ultimate goal is to help hitters find the right bats. And we guarantee that the Bat Bros will help you in that journey.


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