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2014 DeMarini Stadium CL22: Chris Larsen Slow Pitch Bat

Video Transcript

Hobbs: Hobbs here at We’re here with Mr. Larsen, Long Haul Bomber and Team DeMarini slugger. He’s got a new Stadium DeMarini Balance edition. Chris Larsen: I’ve got the 2014 13-inch Stadium. This is a aluminum handle, composite barrel, balanced version. We’re going to come out with the end-loaded end balance this year. Both bats kill it right out the wrapper. Can’t go wrong with either one but if you’re a balanced person, you prefer that feel, then this one’s definitely for you. It also meets the new UTrip stamp as well, so it’s good for play going forward. Also my partners on the Long Haul Tour this year, Adam Rockoff and Donovan Pokraka, they’ll probably be swinging this model here. This bat’s for both styles. I mean, if you want to go big fly with it, this has got you covered. If you want to go backside, slap it around the park, this is going to get it done for ya. Hobbs: As you guys just saw, Mr. Larsen was crushing it with another Stadium, another new DeMarini. You can get yours at and remember from click to hit.

Long Haul Bomber, Chris Larsen, swings his signature bat and explains how it'll benefit your game.

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