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DeMarini Ball Exit Speed Competition: Crystl Bustos vs. Chris Larsen

Video Transcript

Matt Hendryx: We’re going to put Chris and Crystl up against each other in a little friendly competition here to see who has the better exit speed off their bat so Crystl, what bat did you choose to go with? Crystl Bustos: The Mercy. Matt Hendryx: Your Mercy, huh? What have you got? Chris Larsen: I’m going with the CL22. Let’s see if I can get a W with it this time. Matt Hendryx: All right. We’re going to give them each six swings, do a couple of rounds and – Crystl Bustos: This is right up your alley. Matt Hendryx: – and see who wins. All right. Let’s see it. Ready, set, go. 107. Chris Larsen: I’ve got – I’ve got a hot one. Matt Hendryx: 109. This is really scary for me. Crystl Bustos: 107, 109. Matt Hendryx: Oh. 110. Whoa. 104, but that balls gone. 108? I’m even going to call that one out. Ooo. 109. Crystl Bustos: 110 was the best right? Matt Hendryx: 110 yeah. Chris Larsen: 110. Bustos has got some power. I’m not – I’m not feeling like that’s a W by any means so hopefully she breaks a hip right now. Crystl Bustos: Oh. Matt Hendryx: 85. 91. 87. Chris Larsen: Gone. Matt Hendryx: 88, but that is a bomb. 86. 86. Sorry if you couldn’t hear me while I was choking. Whoa. 92. Right at my face. Crystl Bustos: Well, he won. He’s expected to win. Look at him. What? I gave him. That wasn’t a fat joke. This is totally understandable, but I gave my best. 92, you can’t complain. It’s not bad. Matt Hendryx: So, Chris is the victor on this one. Congratulations. The Stadium obviously served you well in this test, so what have you got for Crystl? Chris Larsen: All power all the time. I’ll get you a signed ball. Crystl Bustos: You go that – Matt Hendryx: So, little tip then from the master of power here in exit speed, what do you do specifically for your type of swing that allows you to generate more power? Chris Larsen: I get a decent load-up with my hips because all my power comes from my hips so the more I can load-up in my hips, the more power I’m going to bring to the table. Matt Hendryx: And Boo, for you, it’s a different game, different swing. I mean, is it different for you or are you still a ground up – Crystl Bustos: I work from the floor up. Matt Hendryx: Yeah? You said earlier today you’re a backside hitter. Like back legs, strong back legs. Crystl Bustos: Yeah, I use a lot of my legs. Lot of my hamstrings, glutes. I’m getting warmed up though for the long ball contest. Matt Hendryx: Nice. Well, that’s a wrap, guys. Don’t forget you can get these bats at

Two-time Olympic gold medalist, Crystl Bustos, and Long Haul Bomber, Chris Larsen, compete against each other in a friendly ball exit speed competition. Crystl Bustos chooses to swing the 2014 DeMarini Mercy slow pitch bat while Chris Larsen sticks to his own signature model, the 2014 DeMarini Stadium CL22. Watch to find out who earns bragging rights, and how you can improve your bat speed.

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