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Zepp 2 Baseball/Softball Swing Tracking System: ZA2B1NE

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Zepp 2 Baseball/Softball Swing Tracking System: ZA2B1NE
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Reviews for the Zepp 2 Baseball/Softball Swing Tracking System: ZA2B1NE
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Questions and Answers for the Zepp 2 Baseball/Softball Swing Tracking System: ZA2B1NE

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Can you use this or a blast sensor on a an Axe handle bat?

Although it won't be a perfect fit and it will take some work, the sensor for this Zepp 2 Baseball/Softball Swing Tracking System (ZA2B1NE) should be able to be fitted onto the knob of an AXE bat if needed.

Ben Expert
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Please tell me specifically how your product will allow me to analyze my son's bat plane as it relates to the incoming plane of the pitch?

This Zepp 2 Baseball/Softball Swing Tracking System (ZA2B1NE) has video capability to it which will allow you to view the swing plane of the bat and the manner in which the ball comes to the plate. In addition, there is 3D, 360 Degree Analysis that allows you to view the swing from any angle around the batter.

Ben Expert
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What is Zepp?

The Zepp 2 Baseball/Softball Swing Tracking System: ZA2B1NE is a swing tracking system that helps a player analyze their swing using a sensor that connects to the knob of the bat. Also features training videos and advice to help a player fix issues regarding their swing.

Cameron Expert
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Would you please explain "new high stick bat mount", as compared to Zepp 1?

"New High Stick Bat Mount" is how they are describing the Zepp 2 mount technology. Not much has changed in the mounting technology from the Zepp 1 to the Zepp 2 visually, onl that it should stick a bit better to the bat.

Kyle J. Expert
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Can you explain the "smart coach" in more detail?

The Smart Coach Training System turns that raw data into a personalized training program presented by MLB players and coaches. Basically the Smart Coach is going to analyze your swing and come up with a detailed lesson for how to correct your swing. It acts as your coach.

Carter Expert
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What are the differences between the Diamond Kinetics, Zepp 2, and Easton Power Sensor? Which one is the best?

This Zepp 2 Baseball/Softball Swing Tracking System (ZA2B1NE) and the other two swing tracking systems being featured in your question are all great products. All of the options have similar offerings and feature video capabilities + metrics to analyze your swing from multiple points of view. However, I would say that this ZA2B1NE sets itself apart as it features a Smart Coach Feature that offers training programs to help improve your swing in specific areas that the Zepp System may note room for improvement.

Ben Expert
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Is it a good deal for its price?

For the analysis that you can receive from the tracking system, I would say that this Zepp 2 Baseball/Softball Swing Tracking System (ZA2B1NE) will certainly be worth the price paid for it. You are able to track Max Hand Speed, Time to Impact, Bat Attack Angle and a lot more. In addition, this Zepp 2 system is designed to be even more accurate than its original predecessor.

Ben Expert
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Does the Zepp 2 help with slow pitch softball as well? Or are the applications more aimed towards fastpitch?

You could definitely use the Zepp 2 Baseball/Softball Swing Tracking System (ZA2B1NE) to track a slowpitch swing and get analysis. However, any tips that would be provided by the system would probably be directed towards assisting a fastpitch player.

Ben Expert
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Does the Zepp 1 also feature the Smart Coach?

The Zepp 1 does not feature the Smart Coach like this Zepp 2 Baseball/Softball Swing Tracking System (ZA2B1NE).

Ben Expert
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Zepp 2 Baseball/Softball Swing Tracking System: ZA2B1NE
About Zepp

Zepp is made for athletes, by athletes. A passion for sports is at the heart of their company. They began their journey with a simple quest: to bring meaningful data to sports. Their goal is to take the guesswork out of training by providing instant, unbiased data allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to improve faster than ever. Zepp believes that the future of sport is driven by software that offers premium user experiences with actionable data. The Zepp multi-sport sensor and training platform is built to provide real-time analytics for baseball-softball. Regardless of expe.... read more Batting Gloves Batting Gloves

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Zepp 2 Baseball/Softball Swing Tracking System: ZA2B1NE
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Accessories Features
  • Free Shipping!
  • Multi-Sports 3D Sensor + Free App
  • INCLUDES: Zepp Sensor, Bat Mount, and Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Key Metrics: Sensor Tracks Max Hand Speed, Time to Impact, Bat Attack Angle, and More
  • Attaches to ANY Baseball or Softball Bat Quickly with the New High Stick Bat Mount
  • Record and Analyze Your Swing - In HD Video
  • Connects Easily to Mobile Devices via Bluetooth LE (Compared to Bluetooth 2.1 with Original Zepp)
  • Intelligent Battery - 2X the Battery Life of the Original Zepp
  • Additional High-Speed Gyro for Improved Accuracy
  • Smart Coach - New Personalized Video Training Programs from MLB Players and Coaches
  • 3D, 360 Degree Analysis - Replay and Review Your Swing From Any Angle
  • Instant Evaluation - Receive Instant Analysis Geared to Help You Improve
  • Zepp 2 - Improved Accuracy, Ease of Use, and Up to 2X Battery Life
  • *Limited 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty - Click Here for Instructions*

Description for Zepp 2 Baseball/Softball Swing Tracking System: ZA2B1NE
Zepp Just Got Even Smarter.

The next generation of the Zepp Baseball / Softball Swing Tracking System is here to help improve your game faster than ever and make the most of every minute you spend training. Thanks to the addition of another 3-axis high-speed gyroscope to the Zepp 2's frame, you can instantly receive analysis and evaluations geared to help you focus your training. Not only does the Zepp 2 measure the most important aspects of your swing (Bat Speed at Impact, Hand Speed Max, Time to Impact, Attack Angle, and Vertical Angle at Impact) but the new Smart Coach Training System turns that raw data into a personalized training program presented by MLB players and coaches. While guiding you through these detailed lesson plans, Zepp 2 will then allow you to test your swing - showing you real time improvement!

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Easily Manage All Your Players online. Quickly evaluate and set Swing Goals for individual players. Recommend Zepp 2 Training Programs. Supplement your own instruction with Auto-Video Capture with frame-by-frame breakdown.

Compatibility - iOS: iOS 8.0+, iPhone 5+, iPod Touch 5+, and iPad 2+. Android: OS 5.0+ *Some Exclusions May Apply
Memory - Flash Storage (holds up to 2,000 swings)
Battery - Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery (1.5 hour full charge cycle lasts up to 8 hours)
Connectivity - Bluetooth LE (Save swings wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android device)
Customer Testimonial

I was pleased when your customer service called to let us know that the form of payment we used may delay delivery. The notification allowed us to choose another form of payment to assure prompt delivery.

- Terilyn, Mililani, HI
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