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Easton Stealth Speed Fastpitch Softball Bat: SSR4B

Easton Stealth Speed Fastpitch Softball Bat: SSR4B
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Reviews for the Easton Stealth Speed Fastpitch Softball Bat: SSR4B
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  • Balanced and has a lot of pop

  • Its just what we were looking for

    JustBats User

  • Overall Rating
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Pros:  My 11 years old hit a ball about 210 feet her first weekend using this bat and finish the week end with 2 home runs. Great bat can't wait till it is fully broke in although it had plenty of pop right out of the wrapper. Has a much larger sweet spot then the combat she was using and she added about 20 feet in the air to her hits.

Cons:  Nothing but she has only used it for one tournament.

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Was this review helpful ? 3 3

Pros:  nice sweet spot. great pop.

Cons:  used for one season and went dead.

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Was this review helpful ? 6 6

Pros:  Great Bat! My daughters favorite bat thus far and we have tried them all. The drop 9 and slightly end loaded Stealth has helped her get around faster on those 58-62 MPH travel pitchers

Cons:  Been through two bats as the pop dies after 6 months...

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Was this review helpful ? 5 3

Pros:  I've always been a big fan of the Stealth bat. It has treated me well through college and I can't wait to get the minus 9 this year. Just for everyone to know, normally a bat only last for one season. Thats normal for any bats life span. So get this and enjoy it =]


  • Overall Rating
Was this review helpful ? 4 2

Pros:  Its just what we were looking for. My daughter has really enjoyed her bat and we look forward in her using it this softball season. JustBats was awesome to have got it to her before Christmas. They were easy to communicate with and we will be using them again.


  • Overall Rating
Was this review helpful ? 8 2

Pros:  Great pop. quick break in, and balanced. I have went through two of these bats but easton has been great to replace them. hopefully this one will not crack on the "A"

Cons:  Have broken 2 of these bats in one season.

  • Overall Rating
Was this review helpful ? 3 2

Pros:  This bat is a whooping stick.Hot out of the wrapper and only getting hotter.

Cons:  None yet.

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Was this review helpful ? 2 1

Pros:  My 16 year old loves this bat. She hit 17 HR so far with a .420 BA.

Cons:  Bought this Feb 2010 and she cracked 2 already. Out of warranty now. I might have to look for something stronger.

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Was this review helpful ? 3 2

Pros:  Took a little time for my daughter to get used to this bat, but after this last tournament, her new nickname is crusher. Loves the bat.

Cons:  None

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Was this review helpful ? 2 20

Pros:  I am 100% pleased with this bat!! I know absolutely nothing about softball and didnt think the size, weight and type of bat mattered. As a late birthday present my husband and I decided to make this purchase. My daughther's batting has nearly doubled in distance. The "sweet spot" is def. expanded on this bat. NO REGRETS HERE!!

Cons:  I'm a firm believer in getting what you pay for so I can't really consider the price a "con"

  • Overall Rating
Was this review helpful ? 12 7

Pros:  My 14U daughter just switched to this bat from the CF4 -10. After we broke it in and it was "game ready", she was hitting the ball with much more consistency. This bat has a HUGE sweet spot compared to the CF4. She hit her first two home runs (back to back) in the first tournament that she used this bat, just about a month ago. She now has four total HRs. I'm a big believer in this bat.

Cons:  None, really.

  • Overall Rating
Was this review helpful ? 6 2

Pros:  Like the agressive color, feels great in my hands, got a game winning hit the first game I used it.

Cons:  The wraping on the handle would have been better black.

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Was this review helpful ? 4 1

Pros:  Great pop...HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Cons:  NONE

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Pros:  Balanced and has a lot of pop.

Cons:  My first one broke after 1 month.

Questions and Answers for the Easton Stealth Speed Fastpitch Softball Bat: SSR4B

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What temperatures can this bat be used in?

It is recommended not to use any bat in temperatures that are around 50 degrees or lower. These colder temperatures tend to affect the balls and increase the chances of damaging your bat.

Jennifer Expert
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Could you explain how the bat weight works ie -10 etc?

This is the length to weight ratio and is used to determine the weight of the bat. For instance, a 30 inch bat with a -10 will weigh 20 ounce (30-10=20). A 30 inch bat with a -9 will weigh 21 ounces (30-9=21)...etc.

Tyler Expert
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is there much of a difference between -9, and -10 and are both approved for high school softball for this year

The weight differential will be the biggest difference. Generally these bats have very similar designs.

Shelbe Expert
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What is the difference in the black barrel and white barrel?

The SSR4B has a slight end load and a length to weight ratio of -9. The SSR3B is more balanced and is a -10.

Shelbe Expert
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Does this bat come in 33inches and 24 oz?

As of right now we do have a demo bat offered at that size that can be found here: We also have the new 2012 model in that size, which can be found here: As for this model, we do not have this size and are not planning on receiving anymore since the newer model is already released.

Jennifer Expert
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Difference between the 2011 & 2012?

There is not a difference between the two bats.

K.B. Expert
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Is this the new top of the line easton stealth and will it be legal for 2012 womens fast pitch softball

This is a very good bat with tons of pop. This bat is legal for 2012 and will be one of Eastons best fastpitch bats.

KG Expert
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In response to Linda, Why would a power hitter prefer a one piece composite vs. a 2 piece composite if the 2 piece produces a trampoline effect? Wouldn't that be more desirable to a power hitter?

Most all power hitters that I know, prefer the one piece because due to the flex in the barrel of a 2 piece, they don't feel like they get the full benefit of their power. They kind of feel like it defuses their power a bit. But again, everyone has a different preference.

Linda Expert
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What are the pros and cons of this bat vs. the Synergy?

Not really pro or con, just the differences between them. The type of batter you are makes a bigger difference as to which one would work best for you. Generally speaking, power hitters like one piece bats, which is what the Synergy is. The Stealth is a 2 piece which gives you more of a trampoline affect.

Linda Expert
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Is this the 2012 model?

No, this one is 2012 Easton Stealth Speed: FP11ST10 Fastpitch.

Linda Expert
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Im trying to choose between this bat and the Stealth Speed -10 FP11ST10. I would like a 32-22 but this one doesn't have that. would i be okay with the 32 22?? the 31 is perfect for me.

Yes. That would be a good size, if the bat doesn't fit, you can send it back for an exchange.

KG Expert
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does this bat come in 34 inch 25 ounce?. I have one with this weight and want another

We are currently out of stock in that size and will no longer be getting them.

Kris Expert
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IS this bat end-loaded or balanced

The SSR4B is balanced.

Mark Expert
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how long will it last? it wont go dead after one season, will it?

If you take good care of the bat, by putting it through a good break-in period, limiting its use to one player, as well as limiting the amount of use in the batting cages, it should last longer than one season. The break-in period entails taking about 200 hits off a batting tee at about 50% power. Be sure to rotate the bat a quarter of an inch between each hit to ensure the entire surface of the bat is covered. Also make sure the bat is not used in colder temperatures (typically when it's below 60 degrees outside).

Mark Expert
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Easton Stealth Speed Fastpitch Softball Bat: SSR4B
About Easton

Easton is the world's leading manufacturer of baseball and softball equipment and the most iconic brand in these sports. Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, CA, Easton Baseball/Softball Inc. manufactures bats, ball gloves, apparel, bags, batting gloves, helmets, catcher's equipment and related accessories. The company's commitment to innovation and game-changing technologies drove its growth to the No. 1 position, including the introduction of the first true aluminum bat in 1972. As a result of this commitment to R&D and its storied brand heritage, Easton has a long-standing relationshi.... read more

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Bat Features
  • Free Shipping
  • Exclusive 400 Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • -9 Length to Weight Ratio
  • Two-Piece Fully Composite Design
  • IMX Composite Handle and Barrel
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • 29/32" Tapered Handle
  • Approved by all Governing Bodies Including ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF
  • Slightly End Loaded Barrel
  • Focused Flex Handle for Greater Control
  • New 2-Color Reveal Design
Description for Easton Stealth Speed Fastpitch Softball Bat: SSR4B
Year after year Easton is one of the top dogs in fastpitch softball due to their quality products. The latest in the line of quality bats is the Easton Stealth Speed: SSR4B fastpitch softball bat. Batters who step to the plate with the SSR4B will have an advantage over any pitcher. Power, comfort and performance are three of the things that this bat exhibits with every swing. The two-piece all composite design provides added durability and performance. The all new focused flex handle gives every player more control and a lower moment of inertia rating increases swing speed. The slightly end loaded design along with the 2 1/4" barrel, and the 29/32" tapered handle also increases swing speed and adds comfort. The new 2-Color Reveal design and graphics gives it a fresh new look for the upcoming season. Stick with what has always produced and that's Easton. Whether you're playing in a recreational league or playing for the national championship give yourself an advantage and step to the plate with the Easton Stealth Speed: SSR4B. This bat comes with Easton's exclusive 400 day Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!
Customer Testimonial

The free and fast shipping (and other customer's rave reviews about your promptness) definitely made it easy for me to decide to purchase from you instead of your competitors.

- M. , Virginia Beach, VA
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