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Top 10 Player Series Bats

Have you ever dreamed about playing a game at a Major League ballpark? What about stepping up to the plate against one of the best pitchers in the world? If you’re ever fortunate enough to experience either, make sure you’re swinging a bat ready for the challenge. Not just any bat; we’re talking about the same wood bats used by the pros. The tightest grains, the loudest sounds, and (of course) the most pop --- We’re talking about the best wood bats in baseball.

10 Bats Swung by 10 MLB All-Stars

We’ve compiled a list of baseball’s best young stars and the bats they’re swinging. We’ll break down a brief review of each wood bat and the benefits it provides. We’ll also take a look at any special features along with the MLB ink dot of approval. Without further ado, let’s dive into the ten best wood bats swung by professional baseball players.

Mike Trout’s Bat

Old Hickory Bat Co. Mike Trout Maple Wood Baseball Bat (MT27M Adult)

You can’t create a list of the best baseball players in the world without Trout standing at the top. The Angels’ generational center fielder has continued his onslaught of MLB pitching, breaking records along the way. But what bat does Mike Trout swing? Trout swings an Old Hickory Bat Co. maple wood baseball bat with a special MT27 turn. 

Old Hickory has worked alongside Trout to fine-tune his personal turn model to match his swing needs. As a result, the Trout’s maple bat sports a large, long barrel while still maintaining a relatively balanced swing weight. It also has a slightly flared knob to provide additional leverage on every swing.

If you are interested in learning more about Mike Trout’s bat and others similar to it, we recommend that you look at the Old Hickory Bat Co. Bat Reviews available on JustBats

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George Springer’s Bat

Axe George Springer GS4 Maple Wood Baseball Bat (L123H)

Longtime Houston Astros, now Toronto Blue Jays’ outfielder George Springer is no stranger to high-leverage situations. In 63 postseason games, Springer has 19 career home runs and an OPS just a hair shy of .900. The guy can flat out rake. But have you ever taken the time to look at the bat George Springer swings? We’re talking about the GS4 maple wood bat from Axe, and like most Axe bats, there’s something different about the way it swings. 

If you don’t know what makes Axe bats different, we’d recommend that you hit up our blog.

Apart from the benefits Axe offers, the GS4 still manages to go above and beyond the competition. Each model is made from hand-split billets of maple wood to deliver the best in durability. The “Charged Finish” arrives with a glossy shine, straight from the box to create the hardest barrel finish on the market. It may take a couple of rounds of BP to get used to, but George Springer’s wood bat is one of the best in baseball if you are up to the challenge.

Here’s a bat review on the GS4 left by a JustBats customer.

Pros: “Beautiful bat. Almost too pretty to hit. Hard as marble. Amazing finish.”

Cons: “Nothing”

Josh Donaldson’s Bat

Marucci Josh Donaldson Bringer of Rain Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MVE2BOR-N/BK

Who wouldn’t want to swing a bat called the Bringer of Rain!? This Marucci behemoth is swung by Twins’ third baseman and 2015 AL MVP, Josh Donaldson. Backed by a 30-day warranty when purchased at JustBats, Donaldson’s bat provides durability, performance, and an heir of swagger. If you get a chance to try this bat out, take it.

Notable Features:

  • End Loaded Swing Weight
  • Slightly Flared Knob
  • Large Barrel Diameter
  • Handcrafted Marucci Maple Wood

Ketel Marte’s Bat

B45 Premium Ketel Marte Birch Wood Baseball Bat: PIKE4

Ketel Marte is one of the game’s best young players. Patrolling the outfield for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Marte hit .329 with 32 HRs in 2019 as he finished 4th in the NL MVP vote. Look for Marte to continue to leave his mark all over the game as he continues to develop.

One of the main reasons Ketel Marte is so fun to watch is that he has linked up with the up-start Canadian bat company, B45. Led by an ownership group that includes past MLB stars Eric Gagne, Carlos Gonzalez, Jonathan Lucroy, and more, B45 has set out to show the world what birch wood bats can do. Birch wood offers more forgiveness than maple and more stiffness than ash, aka the “best of both worlds” scenario for wood bat hitters. We recommend the PIKE4 from B45 to anyone interested in finding an underrated wood baseball bat.

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Francisco Lindor’s Bat

Marucci Francisco Lindor Maple Wood Baseball Bat (MVE2LINDY12-MBK/BK)

Switch-hitting Mets’ superstar shortstop Francisco Lindor led the offseason headlines as he was traded from Cleveland and then signed a massive 10-year, $341 million contract. He got off to a less than inspiring start, but the fact remains that Lindor is one of the best players in baseball. And what does one of the best players in the world swing? Well, Marucci, of course

Toting the custom LINDY12 turn model, Francisco Lindor’s gameday bat offers a slightly end-loaded swing alongside a standard barrel size. The most notable feature of Lindor’s bat is the bell-shaped flare on the knob. It’s almost Bonds-like in the way that it’s built. The quality is unmatched, but as a result of the knob size, we can only recommend this to players with bigger hands or those explicitly shopping for a flared knob on a wood bat.  

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Ronald Acuña Jr.’s Bat

Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Acuna Maple Wood Baseball Bat: WBL2436010

If anyone will topple Mike Trout’s claim to be the best hitter in baseball, it’s Ronald Acuña Jr. of the Atlanta Braves. Blessed with a swing that could make a rainbow smile, Acuña is as fluid in a batter’s box as we’ve ever seen. The future is blinding for the young phenom, but let’s take a look at the bat he swings.

Built by Louisville Slugger, Ronald Acuña Jr. swings an MLB Prime maple bat. The RA13 turn has a big, end-loaded barrel and a dramatically flared knob. It’s easy to tell that Acuña’s bat is designed to be swung by a professional-level hitter with experience using wood bats. As a result, it’s an excellent option for any upper-level high school baseball player or experienced hitter.

Cody Bellinger’s Bat

Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Bellinger Maple Wood Baseball Bat: WBL2437010

Cody Bellinger is yet another former MVP to make our list of the top professional wood bats. The 2019 NL MVP (and former LLWS standout) won his first World Series in 2020, and we anticipate Cody Bellinger’s bat will have to be a significant factor as the Dodgers look to defend their title in 2021.

Let’s mix things up. Here are a few reviews on Bellinger’s bat from some customers of ours.

Pros: Absolutely blown away. I’ve always wanted a LS Prime C243 but having it uncupped just the way Cody Bellinger has it is the perfect bat for me. The first game I used it, went dead center hitting the fence. All I need now is to hit the weight room. Definitely coming back for another one.  

Cons: I wish it has the Roy Hobbs Wonder Boy logo engraved on it. That would be the most intimidating thing any pitcher will ever see.

Pros: Great swing weight Ball pops off the bat like a bullet Huge sweet spot Hitting 40-50 feet further now.  

Cons: I didn’t buy two

Pros: Very solid bat, slightly end loaded with great pop. The knob is a bit small but manageable.  

Cons: Length is way shorter than advertised: 33.5” is actually 33”

As you can see, players love hitting with Cody Bellinger’s bat.

Ozzie Albies’ Bat

Rawlings Pro Label Ozzie Albies Maple Wood Baseball Bat: OA1PL

One of the most electrifying young players in baseball is Braves second baseman Ozzie Albies. Standing at only 5’8”, Albies can generate lightning-quick bat speed and ridiculous levels of power. Beyond his natural talents, Ozzie Albies’ Rawlings wood bat goes a long way towards creating his extreme “whip” through the zone.

Notable Features:

  • Rawlings Pro Grade Maple
  • Wood Saver Technology
  • 15/16 Inch Handle Thickness
  • Big Barrel End Load

Manny Machado’s Bat

Rawlings Pro Label Manny Machado Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MM8PL

As a proud member of the “Slam” Diego Padres, Manny Machado has supplanted himself as someone no pitcher wants to face. The Padres shortstop began his illustrious career in Baltimore as a member of the Orioles, where he slugged his way to four All Star appearances.

Swinging a Pro Label wood bat from Rawlings, Manny Machado has hit over 30 HRs in five straight seasons where he’s played at least 100 games. The design is similar to that of the Rawlings bat swung by Ozzie Albies. It will offer an end-loaded feel to give players more power while the elite Rawlings wood maintains a professional level of durability.

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Paul Goldschmidt’s Bat

Old Hickory Bat Co. Paul Goldschmidt Maple Wood Baseball Bat: PG44-N Adult

The final bat on our list is one of the most visually pleasing wood bats in baseball. Swung by Cardinals’ first baseman, Paul Goldschmidt, this Old Hickory Bat Co. maple wood bat sports a natural wood colorway that shines in the sunlight. The barrel is massive to provide exceptional plate coverage. If you’re in the market for a middle-of-the-lineup hitter and need a wood bat, Paul Goldschmidt has just the right thing for you.

But what about the reviews? Here are a few we thought you might enjoy!

Pros: Light, hit only dingers with this bat, colossus of clout, great looking bat  

Cons: Nothing

Pros: Ball flys off the bat and swings faster than most 243 models.  

Cons: Not in a bat pack

Pros: Greatest bat ever, perfect bat for a high level baseball player, great durability and unbelievable pop. it is a must-buy for any competitive ballplayer  

Cons: NONE

As you may have guessed, players love to hit this Old Hickory bat.

There you have it. Our favorite wood bats swung by MLB pros. Whether you need to find your next wood baseball bat or you’re looking to buy a special gift for a baseball fan in your life, make sure you hit up JustBats with all your needs. We have an entire team dedicated to assisting you with anything baseball or softball-related. We thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope we can serve you in the future.

We’re JustBats, and we’re with you from Click to Hit!

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