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What Makes Axe Bats Different?

What Makes Axe Bats Different?


Baseball's most cherished aspect is its history. No other American sport lionizes its traditions as much as the national pastime.

And, baseball's systematic war between tradition and change has been a topic in movies, books, and front offices. The tug-of-war even trickles down to baseball tools, as baseball bats hardly ever experience an alteration to the design that was adopted a century ago. But, Baden Sports, who owns Axe Bats, sought to change baseball bats a year ago. examines what makes Axe bats different and what it means.


As the name implies, an Axe Bat is a part ax, since it's contoured oval handle and angled knob make it similar to the utensil used to chop wood. Already, professional baseball players such as Mookie Betts and Giancarlo Stanton have made the switch to Axe bats. 

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Why is an Axe handle bat better than the round-knob bat?


  • With a rounded-knob bat, there are times at contact when the bat is vibrating, and the knob is spinning. This maximizes potential miss-hit balls. The reason? You don't get the full force of contact as you do with an Axe handle.
  • Rounded-knob bats can also cause calluses on your hand due to the movement in your hands. Axe bats minimize blisters in the hands.
  • Additionally, a study done by UCLA engineering professor and Ph. D, Dr. Vijay Gupta, found additional benefits from the Axe bat handle:
    • Axe bat handle is more comfortable.
    • Axe bat handle delivers a more efficient power transfer.
    • Axe bat increases bat speed through additional barrel acceleration.
    • Axe bat reduces hamate bone/ulnar nerve injuries and incidents of throw bats.
How does a round knob on a bat negatively affect a batter?


  • Several points where the knob pushes and rubs into a batter's hands; aforementioned calluses.
  • Creates more friction during the swing.
  • Restricts the hitter's range of motion.
  • Causes bruises, blisters, or marks on batter's palm.

Additionally, the flush backside and ergonomic angles of the Axe handle allows the batter to grip the bat with less effort. Creating a more natural grip decreases the amount of muscle tension in the hands and forearms. So, in turn, increases the barrel velocity, as the batter's wrists can flex more during the swing.

Baseball bats demand a personal preference for you to have your best swing. Axe's revolutionary bat handle offers many benefits which differentiate it from other bats. Have you swung an Axe bat? What do you think of the Axe bat handle?

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