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10+ Best DeMarini Baseball and Softball Bats For 2023

best demarini bats

It’s no surprise that players and coaches have been asking us about the top DeMarini bats. After all, DeMarini has produced some of the best baseball bats and softball bats that we’ve ever seen. Popular bats like the Voodoo One, The Goods, and CF continue to raise the bar on performance across all levels of play. It’s an exciting time to shop for your next baseball or softball bat so let’s take a look at the hottest bats DeMarini has to offer.

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Best DeMarini Bats

To help you make the right decision for your next bat, we’ve compiled lists of our top DeMarini bats for all types of hitters. As always, if you have any questions please reach out to our team of Bat Experts. They can be reached at 866-321-2287, email, or you can click here to live chat. Now, let's begin. 

Best DeMarini BBCOR Baseball Bats

When it comes to BBCOR, DeMarini has dominated the top spot for the past couple of seasons. According to the Baseball Bat Bros, the DeMarini Voodoo One held the top spot in BBCOR for the 2022 season. Which makes it even more exciting to announce the release of the DeMarini Voodoo One Gold, an eye-catching update to the game’s top bat. Let’s take a quick moment to review the DeMarini Voodoo One Gold along with other top BBCOR bats from DeMarini.

2023 DeMarini Voodoo One Gold BBCOR Baseball Bat (WBD2352010)

2023 DeMarini Voodoo One Gold BBCOR Baseball Bat: WBD2352010

As we have already alluded to, the Voodoo One has been one of the most sought-after BBCOR bats over the past couple of seasons. The new gold edition of the Voodoo One delivers an awesome new design fit for a bat with this much vengeance! The one-piece, alloy design enables hitters to leverage their power on every swing of the Voodoo One Gold. It will arrive hot-out-of-the-wrapper and require ZERO break-in. The balanced swing weight makes it approachable by both contact and power hitters. The lone pitfall of the 2022 Voodoo One has been remarks of the end cap popping off, but anticipate the appropriate adjustments have been made to help fortify the end of the barrel. 

Simply put, the DeMarini Voodoo One Gold is the most intimidating BBCOR bat on the planet.

Voodoo One Gold Bat Breakdown:

  • One-Piece Alloy Baseball Bat
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • X14 Alloy Material
  • Tracer End Cap
  • Perfect for All Types of Hitters

2022 DeMarini The Goods BBCOR Baseball Bat (WTDXGIC22)

2022 DeMarini The Goods BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXGIC22

DeMarini’s The Goods is a two-piece hybrid BBCOR baseball bat designed to produce explosive contact on every swing. The end-loaded swing weight creates tons of force on the ball, but it can be somewhat difficult for smaller players to effectively control through the zone. The composite handle helps to negate vibrations and provides hitters with a smoother, more comfortable swing. It’s a great bat and we’d certainly recommend The Goods for hitters that thrive on hitting the ball deep into the outfield. 

To give you more insight into the actual performance of The Goods, we’ve included a couple of reviews we’ve received from verified customers along with a video posted by the Bat Bros.

The Goods Bat Reviews

“Huge sweet spot! Great feel, great pop across the barrel and extremely comfortable.”

“Lighter than people say, massive sweet spot (juiced) with lots of pop. Durability isn't that great, the handle went into the barrel after about 6 months.”

The Goods Bat Breakdown:

  • Two-Piece Alloy Baseball Bat
  • End Loaded Swing Weight
  • X14 Alloy Barrel
  • Paraflex Plus Composite Handle
  • Top Power Bat in Baseball

2022 DeMarini The Goods vs. 2022 DeMarini Voodoo 2-piece | BBCOR Baseball Bat Review

Best DeMarini Youth Baseball Bats

Finding the right youth baseball bat for your young player can be a difficult challenge. To help guide you to the perfect swing, we have taken the time to create a list of the top youth baseball bats from DeMarini. We have broken them down by league to include both USA and USSSA baseball bats. If you are interested in trying any (or all!) of these bats, we encourage you to take advantage of the Bat Assurance Program from JustBats.

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Best DeMarini USSSA Baseball Bats

In no particular order, here are three of the top options for USSSA baseball from DeMarini. 

2022 DeMarini CF -8 USSSA Baseball Bat: WTDXC8Z22

2022 DeMarini The Goods -5 USSSA Baseball Bat: WTDXGB522

DeMarini The Goods ONE -10 USSSA Baseball Bat: WTDXGOZ21

Loaded with the biggest barrels in baseball, USSSA bats continue to shine as the highest-performing baseball bats on the diamond. DeMarini has continued to pump out elite models like the CF, The Goods, and Glitch to give hitters an advantage every time they step into the box. Look for any of these USSSA baseball bats to be ultra-popular during future baseball seasons.

Best DeMarini USA Baseball Bats

In no particular order, here are three of the top options for USA baseball from DeMarini.

2022 DeMarini Uprising -11 USA Baseball Bat: WBD2235010

2022 DeMarini CF -10 USA Baseball Bat: WTDXUFX22

2022 DeMarini The Goods ONE -5 USA Baseball Bat: WTDXUO522

DeMarini was one of the first bat manufacturers to build USA baseball bats that players enjoyed swinging. Popular bats like the Voodoo, Voodoo One, and CF were among the highest-reviewed USA bats on the market. As we look at the current market today, we see that everyone still gravitates towards bats made by DeMarini. One of the best USA baseball bat values is actually the DeMarini Uprising. With a price tag below $100 and a lightweight drop-11 design, the Uprising is an affordable, controllable bat that will increase the confidence of any young USA baseball player. Be sure to check out all of DeMarini’s youth baseball bats at JustBats!


Best DeMarini Fastpitch Softball Bats

DeMarini fastpitch softball bats are among the elite tier of softball bats. Hitters love the pop, durability, and comfort of seemingly every DeMarini release. Here are a couple of our Bat Experts' favorite picks for the best DeMarini fastpitch bats

DeMarini Prism+ -11 Fastpitch Softball Bat: WTDXPZS21

2022 DeMarini CF -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat: WTDXCFP22

2022 DeMarini Zenith -13 Fastpitch Softball Bat: WTDXPFP22

Taking a quick glance at these fastpitch bats, it’s easy to see why our Bat Experts selected them. The Prism+ is a complete bat. The composite fiber materials create a highly-explosive barrel, lightning-fast swing speeds, and rugged durability to hold up to the rigors of a softball season. 

The CF is DeMarini’s longest-running fastpitch line, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t constantly looking for new ways to improve the swing. New technology was implemented to redirect energy back into the barrel and create better performance across the entirety of the barrel. Plus, their connection point serves to mitigate vibrations for a more confident swing.

Lastly, the DeMarini Zenith is a great youth fastpitch bat that won’t break the bank. This fastpitch softball bat provides hitters with an ultra-lightweight swing and really good pop at a great value. It is a drop -13, so we don’t recommend this to older hitters, but for younger softball players needing a quality bat with a friendly price tag, you can’t go wrong with the Zenith.


Best DeMarini Slow Pitch Bats

Slow pitch players can’t get enough of DeMarini softball bats. Whether they need a balanced bat for spraying the ball around the yard or an end-loaded bat to test the dimension of the diamond, DeMarini slow pitch softball bats always seem to be the choice.

2022 DeMarini Nihilist Dale Brungardt 12

2023 DeMarini Juggy 12

2022 DeMarini Steel 12

Let’s just say it like it is, we really like DeMarini slow pitch softball bats. Players continue to turn to DeMarini because they provide performance and they provide durability. It’s the two main factors customers look for when they shop for a slow pitch bat. 

Looking at the options above, the DeMarini Nihilist is Team USA member Dale Brungardt’s game model. It features a fully end-loaded swing weight to deliver ridiculous power to the game’s biggest players. The all-composite construction requires minimal break-in and feels amazing on contact. For anyone looking for a top softball bat for slow pitch in 2023, check out the DeMarini Nihilist from JustBats.

The DeMarini Juggy is one of the new 2023 softball bats from DeMarini. Considering it was recently released, we have not heard much feedback on it but if history tells us anything, it should be one of the most popular 2023 bats in slow pitch softball.

The Steel is an exciting option for players that play in multiple leagues. It comes standard with dual stamp eligibility enabling you to swing it in both USA and USSSA leagues. The alloy barrel is fortified to withstand the rigors of use while the alloy handle allows hitters to transfer their power with every swing. We highly recommend the DeMarini Steel to anyone looking for a softball bat for their entire team to use.

In the market for a new bat? Be sure to check out DeMarini bats at JustBats. As always, if you have any questions on DeMarini bats, our Bat Experts are waiting to help you. Give them a call at 866-321-2287, email, or click here to live chat with an expert. We’re JustBats and we’re here for you from Click to Hit!

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