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5 Best Baseball and Softball Bats for Cold Weather

best baseball bats and softball bats for when it's cold

While baseball and softball are meant to be played during the warm summer months, we know that weather can fluctuate throughout the year. You might play in 90+ degree temperatures one weekend and sub-60 degrees the next. However, did you know that the performance and durability of your baseball bat or softball bat will actually fluctuate with the temperatures? To help break down the science of cold weather hitting and provide recommendations for the best bats to use in the cold, we’ve brought in the team of Bat Experts at JustBats.

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Before we get into the best bats for cold weather, there are a few frequently asked questions we'd like to cover. Experienced players can attest hitting in cold weather is not something you want to make a habit out of. Mishit a ball, and your hands will be ringing all the way to first base. Catch a line drive in the palm of your glove, and you soon won’t forget it. And maybe worst of all, step into the box with your brand-new bat, and boom, it's got a dent or crack in it. This is why we do not recommend using your favorite bat in temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Bats Break In Cold Weather?

Baseball and softball bats will break in cold weather because the ball is actually harder than it is in warmer weather. As temperatures drop, the temperature of the baseballs and softballs will drop as well. This drop in temperature creates a harder ball than your bat was designed to withstand. This harder ball has a higher potential to cause damage to your bat. This is why we recommend swinging either an older, less expensive alloy bat or a wood bat


Can I Use My Bat In Cold Weather? 

Yes and no. It's recommended that you do NOT use your bat in temperatures lower than 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Can I Use My Bat In Cold Weather?

How Do I Protect From Vibrations In The Cold?  

Stingers are the worst. The best way to keep your hands protected out in the cold is to square up the ball. It may sound obvious, but it’s true. For anyone who doesn’t typically wear batting gloves, grab a pair and throw them in your bat bag for cold games. You can also add a layer of protection for your hands by applying a thicker batting grip to the bat you plan on swinging in the cold.

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Now, let's get into the best bats for cold weather. Our Bat Experts have included baseball bats with multiple certifications and softball bats intended for both fastpitch and slow pitch. 

Best Baseball Bats For Cold Weather

While we do not recommend swinging your favorite baseball bat in cold conditions, the following are affordable options that will come with a full manufacturer’s warranty when purchased from JustBats. Each bat can also have a Lizard Skins bat grip pre-applied at checkout to help protect your hands.

Marucci CATX BBCOR Baseball Bat (MCBCX)

Marucci CATX BBCOR Baseball Bat: MCBCX

Yes, you can certainly swing any of the Marucci CAT series in cold weather. However, we wanted to recommend the best BBCOR bat to swing in the cold. Which is why we chose the Marucci CATX. It’s hot-out-of-the-wrapper (perfect for a chilly day) and takes advantage of an explosive alloy barrel design. Marucci has also built-in anti-vibration technology + a liquid gel knob (similar to the engineering of skyscrapers) to create a smooth feel on every swing. If you are looking for the best BBCOR to swing in cold weather, it’s gotta be the Marucci CATX.

Louisville Slugger Solo 619 -11 USA Baseball Bat (WTLUBS619B11)

Louisville Slugger Solo 619 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS619B11

Looking at the top USA baseball bat to swing in the cold, the Louisville Slugger Solo immediately jumped out. Sporting a rugged alloy barrel (you’re going to hear that a lot), the Solo can take pride in being able to hit in all conditions. Beyond the durability, Slugger incorporated additional anti-vibration technology into the handle of the bat to minimize the number of vibrations that hitters will feel on contact. And the best part? It’s a high-performance USA baseball bat that's deeply discounted - perfect for cold weather.

Brett Bros. Maple/Bamboo Wood Baseball Bat (MB110 Adult)

Brett Bros. Maple/Bamboo Wood BBCOR Baseball Bat: MB110 Adult

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, the Brett Bros MB110 is the most complete wood baseball bat you can find. The maple/bamboo combination creates unmatched durability. The 110 turn model delivers an easy-to-swing balance for premium control through the zone. The BOA fiberglass reinforced handle creates strength in the construction to minimize the chances of breaking. Cold weather, warm weather, sunshine, or clouds, this is a wood bat worth every penny.

Best Softball Bats For Cold Weather

When shopping for a new softball bat, you will likely notice that most of the top bats utilize composite barrels. Composite softball bats are excellent options when the conditions are right. However, in colder weather, with harder softballs, composite bats are prone to crack. To help you avoid the disappointment that accompanies a freshly-cracked softball bat, we have chosen our picks for the best softball bats to swing when it’s cold outside.

StringKing Metal Pro -11 Fastpitch Softball Bat (SKFPMP11)

StringKing Metal Pro -11 Fastpitch Softball Bat: SKFPMP11

One of StringKing’s first fastpitch softball bats, the Metal Pro, is already making waves around the community. Sporting a traditional one-piece, alloy build, hitters continue to remark about the durability of this all-black softball bat. It has the biggest sweet spot among alloy softball bats, which means you’ll receive less negative feedback on swings in cold weather. Furthermore, with a price tag of just $129.99, it’s a third of the cost of the game’s most prominent bats. Given the design, sweet spot, and cost, The StringKing Metal Pro is easily one of the best cold weather fastpitch bat in the game.

Miken Vicious 13" Maxload Dual Stamp Slow Pitch Softball Bat (MPAV19)

Miken Vicious 13

The last thing you want to do at your next slow pitch softball game is to crack your $300+ slow pitch bat. This is why we recommend investing in the alloy barrel of the Miken Vicious. This two-piece softball bat mitigates vibrations from the barrel to your hands. The 100% E-Flex700 Aluminum offers tremendous durability, and the dual stamping allows hitters to swing it in any league or tournament. So when the temperature dips below 50 or 60 degrees, break out the Miken Vicious and swing confidently.


We hope you enjoyed this breakdown of the best cold-weather bats. At the end of the day, the Bat Experts at JustBats typically recommend alloy bats for when it's cold outside and you still want to play baseball or softball. Composite bats do not fair well in the cold. As always, if you have any questions or would like more recommendations, please reach out to our team of Bat Experts. You can call us at 866-321-2287, email, or click here to live chat on our website right now. We’re JustBats, and we’re with you from Click to Hit!


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