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Can I Use My Bat In Cold Weather?

Can I Use My Bat In Cold Weather? Best Cold Weather Bats

Playing in cold weather is a downright chilly proposition. At, we receive a lot of calls, chats, and emails with questions about cold weather bat care. Whether you play baseball, fastpitch, or slow pitch, it's time to shed light on the following questions: 

  • Can I use my bat when it's cold?
  • Are alloy or composite bats better when it's cold outside? 
  • What are the best bats for cold weather?
  • At what temperature is it too cold to use my bat?
  • Will I damage my bat if I use it in cold weather? 

Keep in mind that the manufacturer's recommendations may differ slightly from If you have a question not answered below, our Bat Experts are available via telephone at 866-321-2287, email at, or you can click here to live chat. Now, batter up!


Can I Use My Baseball Bat Or Softball Bat When It's Cold?

Yes and no. 

Aluminum bats, especially ones with thinner walls, should not be used in cold temperatures. But, for most non-wood bats, it's actually the cold temperature balls that pose issues. In colder temperatures, a ball becomes denser, and this causes more stress to the bat's walls and increases the chances of denting.


What Are The Best Bats For Cold Weather?

Remember that personal preference plays a large role in a bat selection. With that said, if you have to play baseball or softball in temperatures under 60 degrees, here are some recommended bats:


At What Temperature Is It Too Cold To Use My Bat? 

The industry recommendation is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Certain manufacturers, such as Easton, recommend avoiding temperatures as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit for their aluminum models. 


Are Alloy Or Composite Bats Better In The Cold?

Alloy bats (or, aluminum bats) can withstand cold weather better than composite bats. That doesn't mean either type should be used in colder temperatures, just that alloy bats aren't as susceptible to damage as composite bats.

Cold weather cracks are maximized on composite bats, and dense balls (which are nearly all cold baseballs or softballs) will cause these cracks. Dents are the most common form of damage to aluminum bats in cold weather, but these bats won't break like composite bats. Instead, the cold weather might cause an alloy bat to bend instead.


Will I Damage My Bat If I Use It In Cold Weather?

Yes and no. It depends on how often it's used and how cold it truly is. To summarize, the team at does NOT recommend using your bat in cold weather. With that said, it is unavoidable for some players to never use their bat in cold weather. 

Have you ever used your bat in cold temperatures? Leave a comment below and tell us about it. Meanwhile, if you have any baseball bat or softball bat questions, you can always give our Bat Experts a call at 866-321-2287, shoot them an email at, or click here to live chat. Don't forget, we'll be here for you from click to hit!


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