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5 Best 2021 Slow Pitch Softball Bats + Staff Picks

Best 2021 Slow Pitch Softball Bats

What are the best slowpitch softball bats for the 2021 season, you ask? The JustBats team has leaned on our team of bat experts that have hit in the cage, played on the diamond, and talked to thousands of players, parents, and coaches to come up with this ultimate list of the best slowpitch bats for your upcoming season. 

We’ve included bats for every type of player. Are you looking for a balanced bat? We’ve got you covered. Are you looking for an end-loaded model? Don’t sweat it. Whether you’re in a USSSA league, an ASA league, or even an SSUSA league, you’ve got options. 

Let’s get started with USSSA approved slow pitch bats.

Slow Pitch Bats approved for USSSA in 2021

1. Easton Fire Flex CXN USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat (SP21CXL)

End Loaded Swing Weight

Starting out in the top spot, we’ve got the new Easton Fire Flex CXN. Approved for play in USSSA, NSA, and ISA, the relaunched Easton Fire Flex is back and better than ever. If you’re feeling nostalgic about this model, that’s because it mimics the CXN bats of the past. Did you own the baseball version of the CXN in high school or college? Then this may be the bat for you.

This two-piece, 100% composite model is packed with Easton technology. The highlight is the connection point between the barrel and the handle that allows for a one-of-a-kind feel when swinging. And let’s not forget about that insanely large hitting surface due to what Easton calls Ultra Elongated Fibers (UEF).

Note that this model does feature the old USSSA stamp but it will be approved for play in USSSA indefinitely. 

Watch Ben’s 2:23 second Overview

2. Miken Last Call USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat (MLC12U)

Maxload Swing Weight

The Last Call lineup signifies the end of the old USSSA stamp. We’re coming up on the end of a truly epic era. When Bat Expert Logan was asked which slow pitch bat he’s swinging in 2021, his response was, “For 2021, I'd like to have one of the "Last Call" bats. I'd definitely go with the 28 oz. MLC12U. I typically prefer the SuperMax endload, but I really want to swing the Last Call.

This is a true testament to how great Miken bats have been over the years. The MLC12U does feature the old USSSA stamp, but customers should have no fear as it will still be approved for USSSA indefinitely. With a 12-inch barrel length and a ½ ounce end load, this model is a great option for any type of hitter. Here's everything you need to know about the slow pitch USSSA stamp update and rule change.

Slow Pitch Bats approved for ASA in 2021

3. Miken Freak Primo ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat (MPMOSA)

SuperMax Swing Weight 

The best place to start with the Freak Primo from Miken is the barrel. It provides a 14-inch barrel length that is guaranteed to launch softballs into the summer skies with ease. This FOUR-piece, fully composite design features a unique construction that’s combined with a full one-ounce end load perfect for power hitters. It also comes with a full twelve-month manufacturer’s warranty and is proudly made in the United State of America. 

Miken’s mission always has been and continues to be, “To elevate the level of play for serious athletes by developing the game's most innovative high-performance equipment.” This ASA approved Freak Primo falls right in line with that mission. Notable features of this model include:

  • Tetra-Core Technology - Utilizes an Inner Core Tube With High Compression For Max Sweetspot and Durability While Also Featuring an Outer Core Layering To Allow Increased Flex
  • Sensi-Flex Promotes Ideal Energy Transfer From the Handle to the Barrel, Increases Barrel Speed, and Eliminates Vibration
  • 100 COMP Material Delivers Top Quality Fibers to Deliver Performance and Durability

4. Axe Avenge Pro ASA/USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat (L193J)

Balanced Swing Weight

Our bat experts always get the question, “So, what’s up with the Axe Bat?” Year after year, Axe bats are one of the most underrated yet most talked about slow pitch bats. Does the handle take some getting used to? Sure. But once you get the hang of it, models like the dual stamp Axe Avenge are worthy of a spot in your bat bag during the 2021 season. A player recently left a 5-star review on the L193J with the title, “Boomstick.” Enough said. 

Notable new features on this model include:

  • Charged Carbon + Composite Material = High Performing & Durable Bat. Hottest Ever Composite Material Made By Axe
  • Tri-Flex Blastwall - Barrel Uses Two C-Shaped Slip Planes To Cover Area Of Bat Where Ball May Be Struck. Allows Bat To Perform Like A Thin Walled Bat, But Be Durable Too!

The best part? This Axe Bat (like all Axe Bats) comes with a no-risk 30-day challenge. Buy it and test it out for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied, then simply return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

Slow Pitch Bat approved for SSUSA in 2021

5. Miken Ultra II Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat (MSU2)

Balanced Swing Weight

The Miken Ultra II is the standard-bearer for top-performing senior slow pitch bats. This model has been a hit all across the nation year after year, without fail. The pop on this bat is unmatched but beware that this model does not come with a warranty. The Ultra II is approved for play in SSUSA, SPA, and LVSSA so keep that in mind when shopping for your next slow pitch bat. If you play in a senior softball league or a league that does not have a national affiliation, this is the bat for you! If you need a USSSA or ASA model, then this isn’t for you.  

Staff Picks.

When we asked Bat Expert Ben (who’s been playing competitive slow pitch for over 10 years) what he recommends for 2021, here’s what he said.  

DeMarini Nautalai USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat (WTDXNAU-19)

Balanced Swing Weight

“The current USSSA bat I would recommend is the DeMarini Nautalai. It's balanced enough for a wide variety of hitters to use it. However, it still packs the punch that a lot of power hitters are desiring to have on their bat. As a cherry on top, I believe the Nautalai (aka the Naughty) has good durability. My entire team was swinging this bat for over half of our summer season and the bat never broke down." 

Miken Last Call USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat (MLC14U)

Maxload Swing Weight

"My 2021 recommendation would be the Miken Last Call 14" Maxload USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat (MLC14U). With the knowledge that the "new USSSA stamp" bats could be lacking a little bit in performance, the Bat Experts at JustBats have recently been reminiscing about the power of the DC-41 bat (aka the Denny) that Miken has made on a number of occasions. Although this 2021 Last Call bat will be lacking that extra bit of end load to make it a SuperMax bat (like the Denny), it will feature the same 14" barrel length + the "old USSSA stamp" that all the Dennys have carried in past year releases. If you want your best shot at replacing the DC-41 with this final release of "old USSSA stamp" bats from Miken, this model will be the one to get!“

Honorable Mentions:


If you’re in the market for a new slowpitch bat, check out our slow pitch bat reviews, read the slow pitch bat frequently asked questions, or try our bat coach to get a personalized recommendation just for you. Don’t forget that you can reach a bat expert 24/7 via email at expert@justbats.com, live chat, or by phone at 866-321-2287. Don't forget, we’re here for you from Click to Hit!

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