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11/02/2021 Heading into the 2021 Holiday Season With the summer season in the rearview mirror and the fall season nearing an end, you may be thinking about putting baseball/softball on the back burner for a couple of months. But there’s still another season on the horizon. ... Read More about: Heading into the 2021 Holiday Season»
10/22/2021 Baseball Fan Attire So you’re headed to the ballpark but don’t know what to wear? No problem - in fact, you’ve come to the right spot! . We’ve broken down all of the top fan attire tips to keep you both stylish and comfortable at your next game. ... Read More about: Baseball Fan Attire»
10/14/2021 How Many MLB Teams Are There? Have you ever wondered how many professional baseball teams are in the MLB? What about how many teams are from each state? Or which state has the most MLB teams? Let’s take a look at these questions and more in this breakdown of the teams in Major League Baseball. STATE TEAM DIVISION Arizona Arizona Di... Read More about: How Many MLB Teams Are There?»
10/11/2021 How to Buy the Best Bat for My Kid Not sure how to go about bat shopping for your young slugger? It may feel daunting, but you’ve come to the right place. In fact, we’ve made it our goal here at JustBats to alleviate the stresses that come with shopping for the best baseball bat or fastpitch bat for your child. We will equip you with the questions you n... Read More about: How to Buy the Best Bat for My Kid»
10/04/2021 Creating a Slow Pitch Batting Lineup It’s game day. You’ve made it to the best part of the week - the day when you get to relive your glory days with your buddies out on the field while simultaneously trying not to throw out your back bending over to pick up a bat. You’ve filtered out teammates  who can’t make it due to traveling, work, or a pulled hammy ... Read More about: Creating a Slow Pitch Batting Lineup»
09/24/2021 2022 DeMarini Fastpitch Launch Breakdown As we say goodbye to the 2021 softball season, it’s time to take a look forward to the hottest fastpitch softball bats for 2022. And what better way to kick things off than to take a look at the complete lineup of releases from DeMarini. We’re talking about the newest DeMarini CF and other top models like the Zenith, S... Read More about: 2022 DeMarini Fastpitch Launch Breakdown»
09/21/2021 Best Fastpitch Bats of All Time You may already have a few guesses as to the hottest fastpitch softball bats to ever hit the open market. But hopefully, we’ll find a way to surprise you with a pick or two that you may have forgotten. In no particular order, here is our official list of the hottest, most-desired fastpitch softball bats to ever take th... Read More about: Best Fastpitch Bats of All Time»
09/16/2021 Best Baseball Bats of All Time We have written more best bat blogs than we can count, but we still need one that will stand the test of time. Last year we published our top ten bats of the 2010s, but today we’re taking a look at the most ridiculous, bomb-dropping baseball bats to ever do it. So enough with the chit-chat; let’s get after it.... Read More about: Best Baseball Bats of All Time»
08/30/2021 7 Techniques On How To Hit a Baseball When hitting a baseball, we’ve all heard: keep your eye on the ball; but there’s more to it. Read our 10 techniques on how to hit a baseball!... Read More about: 7 Techniques On How To Hit a Baseball»
08/26/2021 2022 Mizuno Bats & Gloves Mizuno has begun to release their top bats and gloves for the 2022 season. As more baseball bats, softball bats, baseball gloves, and softball gloves are launched, it can be challenging to understand the benefits of each. To help you shop for your 2022 Mizuno bats and gloves, we have taken it upon ourselves to break do... Read More about: 2022 Mizuno Bats & Gloves»
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