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The 5 Best Axe Bats For 2024

Best Axe Bats

The revolution started in 2011. That's when Axe Bat launched in Renton, Washington. Since then, Axe baseball bats have made a name for themselves with their unique bat handles and have also been adopted by many Big League stars. As this bat manufacturer continues to grow, they’ve expanded its lineup to fastpitch bats and slow pitch bats. Armed with player, parent, and coach feedback, the Bat Experts at JustBats outline the five (5) best Axe Bats in 2024.

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Before we begin, let’s talk about the Axe handle. Each handle is designed for the biomechanics of your swing and provides more comfort and increased safety. Essentially, with a more natural swing and improved range of motion, players are able to achieve better bat speed and control. And while the bat's handle is the noteworthy part of every Axe bat, these five (5) bats have increased popularity due to a number of features and high performance. Let’s begin.

Best Axe BBCOR Bat - Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid

2022 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid BBCOR Baseball Bat: L130JP

There is no better way to start off this list of the best Axe bats to swing than with the Avenge Pro Hybrid BBCOR baseball bat. Backed by the Baseball Bat Bros, this 3-piece hybrid design is guaranteed to become your new favorite. The handle is combined with the MX8+ power alloy barrel with shock suspension technology that eliminates vibration and allows you to swing with confidence. And with an end loaded swing weight, this model is a great selection for power hitters who want to maximize their at bats. 

Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid Reviews

Pros: Meet my son's new team bat. Per my son, "it feels like butter", but the ball just jumps off the enormous sweet spot. Slightly end loaded power stick. New BBCOR King.

Cons: It is really almost to amazing looking to hit. Looks like it should cost $1000.

Best Axe USSSA Youth Bat - 2024 Axe Avenge Pro USSSA

Axe Avenge Bats

If you are looking for one of the hottest youth baseball bats, you should look no further than the Axe Avenge Pro (USSSA). This player favorite is designed to provide ridiculous levels of performance on every swing. The innovative full-composite design allows for young hitters to maximize their swing speeds while maintaining excellent barrel control through the duration of their swing. But the best part of this bat? The Tri-Flex Blastwall barrel design enables the bat to perform like a thin-walled barrel while still providing parents with money-saving durability. If you are in the market an elite USSSA bat you should definitely take a look at this Axe Avenge Pro.

Axe Avenge Pro USSSA Bat Review

WOW! Best -5 USSSA Bat - Hands Down! 

Axe Bat got it right with the new Avenge Pro -5. Balance is perfectly weighted, a little endloaded for power, but very swingable. The pop is off the charts and the feel/vibration is butter. We'll see about durability as it was just purchased, but so far this bat is a dream.

Best Axe Fastpitch BatAxe Avenge Pro Power Gap

Axe Avenge Pro Power Gap Fastpitch Softball Bat

The Avenge Pro Power Gap provides hitters with a balanced swing weight and a ball-crushing, three-piece fully composite design. The Axe handle is the only of its kind in the softball bat market giving hitters an immediate advantage over the competition. The feature that takes this fastpitch softball bat over the top is its technologically advanced Charged Carbon + composite material, which is the hottest and most durable material ever made by Axe. There's no doubt that this Axe softball bat is in the conversation for being one of the best bats in fastpitch softball.

Notable Features:

  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • Three-Piece, All-Composite Construction
  • Charged Carbon + Composite Material - Durable & Explosive
  • HyperWhip End Cap
  • Endogrid Technology

Best Axe Slow Pitch Bat - Axe Avenge Pro Dual Stamp 240

Axe Avenge Pro Dual Stamp 240 Slow Pitch Softball Bat: L193J

For those of you looking to improve your slow pitch softball swing by investing in a top softball bat, boy, do we have something just for you. The Axe Avenge Pro Dual Stamp 240 is built to generate exceptional power to all parts of the field. Boasting an eye-catching white, yellow, and blue colorway, the Avenge Pro is more than just pretty colors. The two-piece composite construction allows for extended use by all styles of hitters. It also employs vibration-canceling technology to add more comfort to your game. But bar none, the most important feature of this hot slow pitch bat is the tri-flex blastwall that allows it to perform like a thin-walled bat while also providing unmatched durability.

Axe Avenge Pro Dual Stamp 240 Softball Bat Review

Pros: Hottest dual stamp bat I have tried. I swung my buddy's and I am sold. This bat will make its way into my bag.

Cons: The white will get dirty. That's about it!

Best Axe USA Youth Bat - Axe StratoAxe Strato Baseball Bats

Before we wrap up, we had to make room for one of Axe’s top youth baseball bats. Available in both USA and USSSA approved models, the Axe Strato gives kids an aluminum alloy option that is both highly productive and at an affordable price. The early feedback we’ve received from players continues to align in a similar way… the Strato is lightweight, has tons of pop, and looks awesome. If you are interested in picking up one of the best Axe baseball bats then you have to take a look at the Strato today.

Axe Strato Bat Review

Crazy Light - Landon (Player)

Pros: Lightest alloy bat I have ever had. Lots of pop and looks really cool too. I really love this bat.  

Cons: Nothing wrong with this bat.


Are you ready to make the switch? If you have any specific questions on Axe bats, our Bat Experts are available via telephone at 866-321-2287, email at, or you can click here to live chat. Don't forget, we'll be here for you from Click To Hit!


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