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One-Piece vs Two Piece Bats - Buying Guide

Video Transcript

Not sure whether to buy a one-piece or a two-piece bat? No, problem, I’m here to help you understand the differences between the two, so let’s get right to it and begin with the one-piece bat. If you’re one of those strong, power hitters, I’d listen up...yea you - this design could maximize your hitting potential and here’s how... One-piece bats are made from either a solid block of wood, composite, or aluminum alloy material, making this bat not only stiff, but very strong, so when you make contact with a one-piece bat, little to no energy is lost and your power is transferred to ball, allowing you to just crush it. Keep in mind that you’ll have to swing the bat with some authority if you really want to get the most out of a one-piece bat. One-piece bats aren’t for everyone, though. Some hitters, especially contact hitters, prefer a bat that’ll give them an extra boost in swing speed, which brings me to the two-piece bat design. This type of bat is obviously different from your one-piece bat - the handle and barrel are two separate pieces that are bonded together. Now, the cool thing about this design is that it allows the bat to flex, which causes the head of the bat to whip through the zone quicker, basically giving your swing an extra boost in speed and power. So which bat design is best for you? To be honest, there really isn’t a right or wrong answer. I’d recommend swinging the one that best fits your hitting style or you can try them both. You might be surprised which one brings you the most success. Hopefully that helps you out a bit, but if you need further assistance, feel free to contact our friendly customer service reps. Their expertise will lead you in the right direction. Or if you’d like to begin browsing for your next bat, check out for the largest selection of baseball and softball bats, so remember, from click to hit at

A helpful guide for understanding the difference between a one-piece and a two-piece bat.

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