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Marucci - Honor the Game

Video Transcript

One of the things that separates Marucci from our competition is that we only focus our development on the four most important pieces in bat performance and that's the feel of the bat, the sweet spot of the bat, the balance of the bat, and the ball speed off the bat. Everything that we do, everything that we test focuses on those four areas. We don't focus on fancy end caps or new knob designs. We focus on the things that really matter to the players and that really produce results on the field. At Marucci, we really value player feedback. In every step of the development process, we're always collecting feedback from the field as well as the lab and we don't continue forward with a design until the players are in consensus about the performance of the bat. If it doesn't perform well in their eyes, it's not a bat that we're will to produce. Through all of our years working with big league players, it's really given us the ability to understand what it takes to make the best bats for the best players in the game. We're the only company in the industry whose big league players also test our aluminum and composite bats. This allows us to get unique feedback from the best players in the world. For any players that haven't yet swung a Marucci bat, I'd really encourage you to pick one up and try it. We test all of our bats not with just any players but with the best players, and this allows us to design to bats to be the highest performing in the game.

Curtis Cruz, the Director of Product Development at Marucci Sports talks about the focus and dedication of Marucci to making high performance and quality bats.

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