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2014 DeMarini Voodoo & DeMarini Vexxum BBCOR Bats -

Video Transcript

Hey guys. Derek from here. And today joining me from DeMarini is Matt. How's it going, Matt? Matt: Good. Thanks for having me. Derek: Yeah, no problem. Thanks for joining us. Matt, we know that your 2014 CF6 line is a pretty exciting line. Everybody's talking about it. There's a lot of buzz out there, and specifically because it's new technologies? Can you kind of hit on that for me? Matt: Yeah. So, for our fast pitch line this year, our CF6 line; it's a brand new composite technology. It's our paradox composite. Our barrels now, they're much harder right out of the wrapper. There are shorter break-in periods. They're much more responsive, and just overall have a better feel. And that's from the top of our line to the bottom of our line; every weight drop. And then in our CF6 INSANE especially, we have a really cool, brand-new handle technology. It's our diffusion technology. What the diffusion technology does is it eliminates vibration while keeping a powerful barrel. Sometimes, girls have to trade off in having a very, very powerful bat and having one that they can be confident that they're never going to get rung up with. And so, what we've done with this exciting new handle is, they don't have to sacrifice anything. They can still have a barrel that's as hot as possible, but without having to worry about confidence from getting any hand sting. That's your – Derek: Got you. Well, that's definitely some very cool stuff coming out. So ladies, check it out; the new line from DeMarini, the new CF6, at And remember, from click to hit.

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