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How to Soft Toss Correctly with Michele Smith

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michele Smith and I want to talk a little bit about proper soft toss. A lot of times coaches will throw the ball at the hitter and we don't want to do this, is because what it does is it jams them up, ties them up, ends up shortening up their swing. So a lot of times what we see is that the soft toss is thrown at the hitter and that's not proper. What we want to do for proper soft toss instead of throwing at the hitter is to throw the ball straight up and straight down. So almost as it comes up it's like it's sitting on a tee. So we want to toss it straight up, straight down. That's gonna be and give the hitter a great opportunity to have a good swing on a good ball that's realistic. So let's go ahead and take a cut. Excellent. Hopefully that will help you and your team.

Two-time Olympic gold medalist (Atlanta, Sydney) fastpitch player Michele Smith explains and shows the proper way to throw soft toss batting practice. She has a wealth of knowledge from years of experience in professional ball, and several useful tips and pointers to try out. Get great face time with collegiate coaches and recruiters! Prepare for the 2013 softball season with a 3-day instructional camp based out of sunny Clearwater, Florida. Learn skills from the best in womens fastpitch while getting exposure to top coaches & players. Ages 8-18 welcome. You can find out more about this camp at the following link:

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