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2014 DeMarini Stadium CL22: How Chris Larsen Grips the Bat

Video Transcript

This is Chris Larsen here with Just going to go over a little of how I hold my bat. Some guys do the overlap and I know a bunch of guys who do it. Me, personally, I’m more of a traditional baseball grip, but I just lengthen up my hands a little bit so that I can have full control of the bat. I can know the bat has that at all times. But even when you’re a power hitter, you still have that control of the bat so that makes me – it gives me the feel that, you know, I control where the tip is at all times. That’s all the tips I’ve got for today. If you’ve got to hit me up for anything more, just hit me up at

Long Haul Bomber, Chris Larsen, shows how he grips the 2014 DeMarini Stadium CL22 slow pitch bat. Watch and learn from one of the best in slow pitch softball.

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