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Scott Kirby Talks About Easton's New Slow Pitch Line

Video Transcript

Hey, Scott Kirby. I'm with Easton Sports. Been with Easton since 2005. Very excited about the new line this year. I want to talk to you guys a little bit about it. This year everybody that is swinging Easton is excited, because this year this line is money. One thing about the new line is the sweet spot. I know that that's something that all the manufacturers are striving to get. Guys that sweet spot is from the end cap to the handle. Part of that I think is because of the black carbon. The black carbon handle works, because I truly feel the ball catch a second gear. There is no vibration. I hit it here on the end cap. I can hit it on the handle and the ball seems to still perform on the fly. Even on mis-hits. I don't know if it's the handle really. I'm not that technical about things. I just know about feel. And this bat all the new line really performs well. Another one is the Salvo guys. Salvo would be one it's an entry level bat for us, but the performance is out of this world. It's to me the Salvo performs very similar to the high end models as well. To me I just don't feel much of a difference between them. Some might feel them a bit more, but I don't. I get a lot of my buddies asking me questions about the one piece or two piece, which do I prefer. I really don't prefer either over the other. I do notice that the two piece bat with the plastic piece in the middle it does reduce some vibration. Something else I did notice also is hitting it off the tee it seemed like the one piece bat, back spun the ball a little bit more than the two piece bat. Most of the Utrip line is all gonna be end loaded, of course technically I guess end load equals more distance, more pop. And usually bigger sweet spot. Over the years I know a few people going to the ASA models simply because they like the balance feel of them. That's your choice. 12 inch, 13 and a half inch barrel which ever you choose, I think Easton has got the right bat for anybody. So in closing guys, one thing I wanted to talk to you guys about is where to get these things. I'll tell you the nice people here at took a lot of us laser vision guys in. We had a free sandwich. We got to see their facility. They're well taken care of, and I'll tell you what they'll take care of you too. So call or visit them on the web. And they'll hook you up.

Professional Slow Pitch Player, Scott Kirby, talks about the new Easton slow pitch line.

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