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MacDougall and Sons

MacDougall and Sons


Founded: 2017

Contact Information:
Macdougall & Sons Bat Company, Inc.
20748 Carmen Loop, Suite 110
Bend, OR 97702
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Returns and Exchanges Information:
1 (541) 550-7835
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Phone: 1 (541) 550-7835
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About MacDougall and Sons:
John MacDougall knew he could build a better wood bat. As a lifelong baseball addict, coach, and father of two baseball players, he was no stranger to broken bats. He's seen maple and ash bats shatter, splinter, crack, split, and explode. At $90 per bat, that hurts and it's not how John MacDougall believed it had to be. He could have switched to composite wood bats, but being a traditionalist at heart, that just didn't sit right with him. He had a better idea.

John started to build the perfect real wood bat from scratch, testing various woods until he figured out that a fusion of True Hickory and Oregon Tanoak utilized the greatest characteristics of each wood where they were needed most. He then pefected a patented laminating design and machining process to create a bat that's a stronger, harder, and more durable than any all-wood bat out there. The side effect? Better performance.

MacDougall and Sons bats are also green. All of the wood scrap and sawdust is recycled into the community - kindling, meat smoking, animal bedding, mulch, etc.

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