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Dinger Bats


Founded: 2002

Contact Information:
109 Kimbro Street
PO Box 71
Ridgway, Illinois 62979
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Returns and Exchange Information:
Dinger Bats does not accept returns.

Warranty Information:
Phone: 1-866-934-6437
No warranty information.

Located in Ridgway, Illinois, Dinger Bats has its roots in a small town on the northen tip of the Shawness National Forest. It is in this area where some of the best wood bats on the market are manufactured.

Offering birch, maple and ash wood bats, Dinger's mission is to bring the same quality craftsmanship that professional baseball players merit to dugouts of every age and skill level. Players at every stage of the game are assured to be given superior wood and craftsmanship in every product.

Dinger boasts an extensive list of MLB players who step to the plate with one of their bats in hand. Every player with big league aspirations should do the same.

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