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Founded: 1977

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Used by more than 250 Major League players, Bratt Bat is the industry leader in weighted training bats. Bratt produces these bats for both baseball and softball to increase bat speed and power.

Bratt Sports is a third generation family-run business that is dedicated to giving its customers a competitive advantage. Bratt Sports is the designer of the unique weighted training bat. Used by MLB teams since 1977, a Bratt Bat was put in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1996.

The Bratt Bat was the creation of Leonard Bratt, who was a big baseball fan and even played semi-pro at one point. He invented the Bratt's Bat after watching Reggie Jackson swing an iron rod at Fenway Park and realized that there was an opportunity to create a new type of practice bat. The Bratt Bat is balanced just like a regular bat, yet weighs 20-70 oz more. This allows players to develop swing speed and strength because they must do the work; not just ride the momentum like they would with a weighted donut. The results speak for themselves, and the Bratt Bat has helped generations of baseball players improve their batting performance.

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