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Wood Bats & Wooden Bats


Wood baseball bats are commonly used for batting practice, adult leagues, and professional baseball. The four most common types of wood used to make bats are Ash, Birch, Maple, and Bamboo. Most players are looking for a wood baseball bat with durability to hold up to the excessive usage during practice. Wood bats make great practice bats because their smaller sweet spots teach hitters to produce better quality more often.

What is the most common type of wooden baseball bat?

Maple. Maple is the strongest of the three natural kinds of wood used to make baseball bats. They provide the most stiffness and the best durability of any wood bats on the market.

Where can I find cheap wood baseball bats?

Shop for the best deals on wood models exclusively at JustBats. Every wood bat purchase will come with free, fast shipping and the option to laser engrave a personalized message. Personalized wood bats make great birthday, anniversary, or Father’s Day presents.

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