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2024 Warstic Gunner Black Viper BBCOR Baseball Bat: MBGNR24BLK Quantity
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  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter

  • Drop 3 Length-To-Weight Ratio

  • Slightly End Loaded Swing Feel (Warstic Says It Is Made To Mimic An I13 Cut Wood Baseball Bat; But They Still Believe Contact Hitters Can Handle It)

  • Two-Piece, Hybrid (Alloy Barrel & Composite Handle) Baseball Bat

  • BBCOR .50 Certified For High School & College Play

  • Legal For Play In Intermediate (50-70) & Junior League Divisions Of Little League

  • Limited Edition Colorway: Black | White

  • Enhanced Alloy Barrel Provides A Huge Sweet Spot

  • Stiff Connection Joint Limits Vibration From Getting To A Batter's Hands On A Miss-Hit. As Well, It Provides The Perfect Amount Of Stiffness Upon Contact With A Baseball For A Smooth Feel.

  • Composite Handle Efficiently Transfers Energy & Maximizes Whip

  • Aerophite End Cap - Made From Advanced Composite Materials. Contributes To A Lighter Feel & Increases Swing Speed While Maintaining Durability.

  • Flared Power Knob - Balances Swing & Enhances Comfort

  • ProTact Grip - Improves Control With Superior Tack & Cushioning

  • A Portion Of The Proceeds From Every Gunner Metal Bat Sold Is Dedicated To Supporting The Recovery And Rehabilitation Of Injured US Veterans.

  • Full Nine (9) Month Manufacturer's Warranty


2024 Warstic Gunner Black Viper BBCOR Baseball Bat: MBGNR24BLK

Channel your inner serpent and strike with venomous power with the Black Viper Gunner BBCOR Baseball Bat from Warstic!

Bat Benefits

Like a stealthy snake slithering through the grass, the limited edition Black Viper Warstick Gunner boasts a blend of raw power, ergonomic grip, and fluid swing dynamics, making it the indispensable weapon for batters intent on ruling the diamond.

The Gunner's two-piece hybrid design features an expansive alloy barrel with an extensive sweet spot, ensuring consistent performance even on off-center hits. The bat's composite handle, along with a rigid connection joint, efficiently transfers energy to the ball while minimizing vibration to your hands. A reimagined, slightly lighter construction enhances the Gunner's maneuverability, allowing power hitters to unleash their full potential with both strength and precision. The inclusion of the Aerophite end cap, made from composite materials, lightens the overall feel of the bat and increases swing speed without compromising durability.

This model introduces the Flared Power Knob, specifically engineered to stabilize your swing and enhance grip comfort. Additionally, the Warstic ProTact Grip revolutionizes bat handling with its enhanced stickiness and padding, providing a secure and comfortable hold during crucial at-bats.

In line with tradition, a portion of the proceeds from every Warstic Gunner bat sold goes towards supporting the recovery and rehabilitation efforts for injured veterans in the United States. By purchasing this BBCOR bat, you are not only acquiring a high-quality tool but also contributing to a noble cause that honors those who have dedicated themselves to our safety and freedom.


Warstic is committed to excellence in the baseball bat market and places a high value on customer satisfaction. To demonstrate this commitment, Warstic offers a nine-month manufacturer’s warranty for this bat. If you purchased the bat from us and encounter any warranty-related issues within nine months from the purchase date, please contact the Bat Experts. They will provide you with all necessary materials and instructions to initiate the warranty replacement process with Warstic.


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Questions and Answers

Have a question about the 2024 Warstic Gunner Black Viper BBCOR Baseball Bat: MBGNR24BLK? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

About the Brand

Warstic is an independent, Texas-based company committed to building a unique brand of wood bats, gloves, and now pickleball paddles for serious players of any age. The company was started by Ben Jenkins, a ballplayer himself. After playing four years of Division 1 college baseball, and a brief stint in the minor leagues, Ben started Warstic Bat Co. in 2011. The goal was to create not only an extremely high-quality wood bat but also a work of art.

Focusing on Craftsmanship, Design, and Performance, Warstic bats are hand forged for battle. Warstic believes that only wood is good wood and that baseball is better when the wood is at the heart of the game. With bats made from Northern White Ash with straight grains, Rock Hard Sugar Maple, and Dense Yellow Birch, Warstic bats are designed for high performance and durability. Plus, every Warstic bat is made in the U.S.A.

Many wood bat companies talk extensively about their magical "select" wood, unique processes, and turning techniques. At Warstic, there is the belief that it is not that complicated. The #1 most important thing to making a great wood bat, is sourcing, selecting, and paying for the absolute highest quality wood available. Then, all it takes is careful attention to detail, a great finish, and a unique look to give players a truly remarkable wood bat.

Now introducing Warstic Pickleball, who has taken their long standing in baseball bats and decided to take the same approach with pickleball paddles. Delivering the highest quality paddles for all players! Giving players a unique look for a once and a lifetime experience on the court! 

Bat Properties

2024 Warstic Gunner Black Viper BBCOR Baseball Bat: MBGNR24BLK
Barrel Diameter 2 5/8
Baseball Bats BBCOR
Bat Construction Two-Piece
Bat Type Baseball
Color Black White
Deals Personalization Eligible Used
Hitting Style Contact Hitter Power Hitter
Length to Weight Ratio - 3
Material Half and Half
Series Gunner
Swing Weight Slightly End-Loaded
Vendor Warstic
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4.9 Star Rating, Google Customer Reviews