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Fastpitch Softball Bats Buyers Guide

Welcome to the Fastpitch Softball Bats Buyers Guide!

Below, you'll find some helpful videos, tips, and tricks that cover everything from picking the correct size Fastpitch softball bat to determining what rules or regulations are most important to you or your player.

Fastpitch Softball Bats

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Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Next Fastpitch Softball Bat

In this video, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Michele Smith, outlines some of the common mistakes that athletes make when picking a softball bat.

According to Michele Smith, there are three things to avoid and keep in mind before buying fastpitch softball bats:

  • Bat Color. Never pick a softball bat because of the color! Your bat matching your uniform is not a good reason to buy a particular model. The color of a bat has absolutely nothing to do with the performance or durability. Pick your softball bat based on production and not presentation.
  • Following in your teammates' footsteps. It is imperative that you choose a fastpitch softball bat suited to your preferences and skills and not your teammates. Just because a certain teammate is experiencing success with a particular model does not mean that you will. Experiment with multiple different models and through trial and error, you will be able to find the perfect fastpitch softball bat for you. Remember, nobody is in the batter's box with you other than yourself and your bat.
  • Too heavy. When swinging a softball bat, you want a quick and lightweight design so that you can maximize your swing speed. Coming into contact with a softball during a quick, fast swing will ensure a lot of pop off the bat. If you're swinging a softball bat that is too heavy, your swing speed is going to suffer and will be slow. This allows the pitcher to take advantage and beat you for strikes. So, you want to be able to swing the heaviest bat that you can as fast as possible without overexerting yourself.

In conclusion, remember these three points. If you follow our guide and pick out a fastpitch softball bat that is best for you, your performance is going to show with an increase in batting average and more confidence at the plate!

Closeout Fastpitch Softball Bats

Choosing a Fastpitch Softball Bat

How do I choose the right fastpitch softball bat? What length is best for me? How heavy should it be? Should I use composite or aluminum? We get these questions all the time and understand that the process of buying a bat is difficult, which is why we've created this softball bat buying guide. Below, we have outlined the process of choosing a fastpitch softball bat that is right for you.

The key to finding a perfect softball bat is broken down into sections:

Length & Weight

For your recommended length in inches, use our new interactive softball bat size chart. To use this calculator, simply:

  • Move the slider to the player's height range (in inches) on the interative chart
  • Move the slider to the player's weight range (in pounds) on the interative chart
  • The softball bat size chart will show you the recommended bat size as well as the next size up and next size down

The number displayed on the calculator is the recommended length of fastpitch softball bat you should be using. This is a recommendation and may vary from player to player based on personal preference and strength. Some players may prefer a shorter bat while others may prefer to move up an inch. As far as weight goes, this is another personal preference feature. It will ultimately come down to a player's personal preference, hitting mechanics, and strength. But, here is the recommended length to weight ratio (or drop as some may call it) for each age group:

  • Ages 8 & under: -12 to -14
  • Ages 8 to 14: -12 to -10
  • Ages 14 & up: -11 to -8

Fastpitch softball bats range from 26 to 32 inches for youth players and 30 to 34 inches long for high school and older players. They will typically have a drop weight ranging from -8 to -14. The drop weight indicates the length to weight ratio. It is a simple concept, so don't let it confuse you; just taking the weight minus the length to come up with a negative number that is called the drop. For instance, a 34-inch bat that weighs 24 ounces is a -10 drop weight. Now, let's move on to the next characteristic to keep in mind when deciding which fastpitch bat to use - the material.

Aluminum & Composite

Fastpitch softball bats are available in both aluminum alloy and composite designs. There is a common misconception that composite softball bats will perform better than an alloy softball bat but that is not always the case and will vary from player to player. While composite bats do tend to be more popular in the fastpitch world, both models offer their respective pros and cons. The biggest benefit of using a composite model is that it provides you with a larger sweet spot and the fact that they tend to help reduce vibration in the hands much more in comparison to an alloy bat. On the other hand, the biggest benefit of using an alloy model is that they tend to offer a more balanced swing weight which helps increase swing speeds and further ball flight. Plus, aluminum softball bats tend to be much less expensive in comparison to their composite counterparts.

Remember, if you have any additional questions about which fastpitch softball bat is right for you, our friendly Bat Experts can be reached at any time of the day at 1-866-321-BATS (2287). Or, you can shoot them an email at Lastly, the bat coach helps simplify the process of choosing a bat while eliminating options that don't meet your needs. Remember, we're here for you from click to hit!


ASA, USSSA, NSA Fastpitch Softball Bat Rules

There are many different sanction leagues such as ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISA. Almost all fastpitch softball bats will be approved for play in every league and come with an ASA certification mark. The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) tends to have the most strict batted ball speed policies, and therefore, if a fastpitch bat has an ASA stamp, it will be approved in almost all leagues.

Every league is different, so it is hard for to determine whether or not a fastpitch softball bat is approved for play in every single league. It is recommended to reach out to your coach or a league official to clarify league restrictions and limitations before purchasing a fastpitch softball bat.

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