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What Is An End Loaded Bat?

What Is An End Loaded Bat?

An end loaded bat is one that has a portion of its weight distributed towards the end of the barrel. This causes an end loaded bat to feel more “top heavy” when compared to a balanced option.

While end loaded bats are more difficult to control through the swing path, they can produce an increase in power generated on-contact. This is done by focusing the weight distribution to the hitting zone of the barrel. Upon making contact, with a similar swing speed, the concentrated mass will provide an increase in force to the ball which will cause it to travel further. explains more about end loaded bats and if you should swing one.

Ok ok...But how do I know if I should swing an end loaded bat?

Now that we've answered What is an end loaded bat?, let’s ask a few questions to help you make the determination if you should swing one.

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Are you able to consistently generate high bat speeds?
    • If not, switching over from a balanced bat to an end loaded option could potentially cause your swing to become long and actually less powerful as a result.
    • If you are able to generate high bat speeds, switching to an end loaded bat may be something to look into. One thing you will want to cognizant of is maintaining the same bat speed. Failing to do so may actually nullify any of the positive benefits of an end loaded bat.
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Would you classify yourself as a power hitter?
    • Generally speaking, contact hitters will want to utilize a balanced option as they are easier to control throughout the swing path. Power hitters often prefer end loaded bats as they can provide additional distance on contact.
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Are you looking to stay with the same bat length from a previous season?
    • This question applies to older players (high school, NCAA, slow-pitch.) Younger players will continue increasing the length of their bats and the weight as they grow. Older players that have reached a length-appropriate bat may look to add some additional weight to their swing as they continue to become stronger. Switching to an end loaded bat is a great option in this case.
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If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is certainly worth entertaining the idea of utilizing an end loaded bat for this upcoming season. Also, make sure to take a quick look at some of our “slightly” end loaded options. These bats offer a natural transition that can often provide you with additional pop at little to no cost in overall bat control.

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Note: This is a guide. Preference in bat construction will vary from hitter to hitter.

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