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What Does The Cupped End Do For A Wood Baseball Bat?

What Does The Cupped End Do For A Wood Baseball Bat?

At JustBats, we offer a wide variety of wood baseball bats. And, as wood baseball bat users know, there are a number of wood types: maple, ash, bamboo, birch, and even composite wood.

But, another difference between wood bats other than wood type is with and without a cupped end. What does a cupped end mean? What does a cupped end do for a wood baseball bat? Does it really do anything? As a matter of fact, it does! JustBats is here to explain exactly what they do and the advantages of having a cupped end.

The advantages of having a cupped end on a wood baseball bat are:

  • Improves overall balance
  • Increases exit velocity
  • Allows for a harder piece of wood during construction
  • Increases swing speed
  • Further ball flight

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Now, let's dig deeper and explain exactly how these advantages happen. As previously mentioned, one of the main advantages of a having a cupped end is that it will make your bat more balanced in comparison to a wood bat that is not cupped on the end. By cupping out the end, that will remove any unnecessary weight that is toward the end of the barrel and allow a player to have more control and give them quicker swing speeds. Quicker swing speed translates into increased exit velocity and further ball flight.

A common misconception is that cupping a wood baseball bat will make the bat weaker or more susceptible to cracking or splintering. But, that's not true. The main advantage of having a cupped end on a wood baseball bat is that it allows a manufacturer, such as Louisville Slugger or Marucci , to use a more dense piece of wood during construction.

Why is a more dense piece of wood an advantage? First of all, having a dense piece of wood will result in harder wood and harder wood will last significantly longer and have less of a chance of breaking. Not only is durability enhanced, but a harder piece of wood is much higher performing. If you want a wood bat with a ton of pop, keep an eye out for a cupped end!

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