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Wood Baseball Bats are most commonly made from Ash, Maple, Birch, Bamboo, or Composite Wood. Maple is an extremely dense wood type that gives this type of bat a heavier feel than baseball bats made from other wood types. Many power hitters like Maple wood bats because these bats have a hardness and stiffness that allows players to exert as much force as possible onto the ball. Ash is the lightest of the common wood types and offers a great combination of strength and forgiveness with its flexible feel. Baseball bats made from Birch wood blend the hard hitting surface found in Maple with a lighter, more flexible feel that is similar to Ash. Composite Wood Baseball Bats and Bamboo Wood Baseball Bats are the most durable designs on the market, but they may not be legal in all leagues.

For more information on the most common wood bat types, check out our Wood Baseball Bat Buying Guide!

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Wood Bats give players that traditional feel and “crack of the bat” sound. Wood bats are generally made from either Ash, Maple, Birch, or Bamboo wood. While there are many wood bat specific tournaments and leagues many players also prefer to use a wood bat for practice because of its cost effectiveness as well as its a great training tool, if you can hit with a wood bat then you can hit with any bat.

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